Progress on two…………

The Hunter Star quilt top is finally sewn together.  I put the last 4 blocks up on the wall and then spent a half hour moving blocks around until they were pleasing to my eye.  It ended up 47″ x 71″.

When 4 blocks come together it makes multicolor stars.

This also shows the true colors in the quilt better than the whole quilt photo.

Our twice monthly sewing group met yesterday and I paper pieced flannel arcs to use in the next flannel quilt.

I had only printed 6 arcs so I need to decide how I am going to place them so I know how many more I need.  I was thinking of maybe a half circle on both sides and a full one in the center.  Then it will be filled in with more squares around these blocks and maybe 3 more rows of squares at the top.  Right now it is 56″ wide and I want the length to be at least 72″.

Last 4 blocks………….

I cut and sewed the last 4 blocks for the Hunter Star quilt.  Tomorrow I will play with the arrangement of these with the other 20 blocks so I can sew the top together.

Today is a play day with my 2 friends.  One of them is going to teach me something new.  There are some patterns I have had no interest in and now I want to learn this one.  Stay tuned…..

Borders, won fabric…………

The chicken and egg fabric won in the end.  I decided not to put the narrow black border first.  It would just be a lint catcher on a tablecloth and the background of the border print separates nicely from the pieced center.  Most of the border will be hanging over the table edge.

I received the fabric that I won in a giveaway and I think they go well with the Hunter Star blocks so I’ll be making four more blocks.  They are just a little more green/turquoise so they will help balance out the 4 that are already in that shade.  Most of the others are more blue/turquoise.

This photo is for the noreply person who inquired about the brand name on this fabric.  I purchased it on sale in August 2012 so it is probably not available any more.  Most of my fabrics age on the shelf for awhile before I use them.  This one will age a little longer since I didn’t choose it for the border.

This and that………

The crunchy ice melted off the driveway by 10:30 yesterday morning.  I figured it was better to be safe than sorry and reschedule the class.   
I rearranged the blocks on the Hunter Star and thought it might be the final layout.  Then I got an email that I had won a giveaway and I’m wondering if some of those fabrics might look good with this so I’ll wait until I get them before I sew it together.

I made new curtains for my 1953 pink bathroom.  It is a flesh pink so the curtain leans toward pale coral.  2 1/2 years procrastination, 55 minutes pressing, cutting and sewing them.

Two of last year’s Amaryllis bulbs have buds on them.  I didn’t even put them outside last summer.  They were in the garage the whole time.  I brought them in and started watering them about 6 weeks ago.  I have 3 others from last year or previous years and they are just leaves so far.

I didn’t have anything ready to sew last night so I tore papers out of these pieces.  I know you are supposed to sew the pieces together first and then tear the paper out but I have success this way.  Here is a photo of all of the blocks.  I was happy to see I had taken a picture of the whole layout since I didn’t know how any of these pieces go back up on the wall.


20 blocks……………

I made 2 more blocks yesterday and then took those and the three from the day before down to the design wall.  I just needed one more block so I chose fabrics and sewed that one last night.

Here are all 20 of the 12″ blocks.  It would be 48″ x 60″ at this point.  I’m a little tired of the turquoise and rose/burgundy/rust combination so I might stop here.  First I have to decide if any of the blocks are not working and need replacing.  Also I need to move a few to different spots.  

They are talking snow again for today so I might have to spend some time shoveling.  The part 2 of my TAW class is supposed to be tomorrow so I also need to clean the basement.

Blocks, strata………….

I have 14 Hunter Star blocks sewn and fabrics chosen for 6 more.

I also inventoried all of my quilt tops waiting in line for quilting.  I needed to measure some and staple a little note with the size written on it on the corner of the quilt top.  That saves a lot of time when I’m ready to look for backing and batting pieces.

I sewed two more stratas for this TAW quilt and then decided what my center is so I can unpick more loops.  I won’t do too much more on this one until my February class starts.