Many Moons……..

I didn’t get the hand sewing done until after dark so I will take another photo of Many Moons today with daylight.  I have an east exposure in this room so around noon is a good time for that.  The couch needs to move a couple inches to the right too.

When I went over to turn off the lamp on the left I thought this was a nice view of it too.  I’m glad I went with facings instead of binding.


Drunkard’s Path top…..and African fabric quilts collage…….

I decided this was the right border without looking for another one.  I cut it 1″ wider than I had it on the audition photo about a week ago.  I am very happy with it.  I’m linking up to the ‘Cross the Drunkard’s Path’ sew-in, link on the right side bar.

I did the collage of all of my quilts made with African fabric and forgot to include this one. I decided to post the collage today too so they at least would all be in the same post, even if not in the same photo.

Some of them are just partially African fabrics and 3 are all African fabrics.  I tried to manipulate the sizes so that they were close to the actual size differences between them.  The photo should enlarge if you click on it.

Drunkard’s Path Decision..or indecision………..

I sewed the top of the Drunkard’s Path together yesterday and then tested black binding (on the right) and black border (top left) but neither one spoke to me.

Then I tried a print border with a black background.  The print is also in two of the blocks.  I like this better but may audition a couple more fabrics.  This isn’t an outstanding quilt by any means but it is unique…no one else has this fabric collection and therefore there will never be another like it.  I’m linking to the “Cross the Drunkard’s Path” quiltalong – link button on my right sidebar.

The problem I had with comments not coming to my email box has been solved.  I think it was Comcast’s fault.  Since emails weren’t coming from my friend who also has Comcast I knew something was wrong.  She told me my emails to her were all in her spam folder.  I checked the Comcast webpage and I had 85 comments being held hostage in my spam folder.  After 3 days of this, things were back to normal.

Drundard’s Path changes………

The one on the left is the same as in yesterday’s post.  I worked on it yesterday morning and the one on the right is the progress.  I’m not sure if it is done or not.  I’ll look at it for a couple days while I work on my other 2 in progress quilts.

I sewed the top strip with cornerstone to the 24 blocks.  Now I’m ready to go to the design wall with them.  Then I can add end of row strips and bottom of the quilt strips and sew the top together.

Drunkard’s Path progress……………

I put all of the sewn blocks on the design wall.  Then I added some that are just 2 pieces loose on the wall, not sewn.  I added the 3 blocks that aren’t pieced and also added one of the Australian fabrics.  I’m not sure what I will do next, but this isn’t doing anything for me.  I am linking up with the Drunkard’s Path quiltalong.  The logo/link is on my right sidebar.  Check it out to see what everyone else is doing.

The tree across the street has more color every day.  It is also losing its leaves quite fast.

I just had to show this beauty one more time.  I may have to share another photo if it has 5 or 6 full blooms at once.

Drunkard’s Path progress………..

This African fabric required fussy cutting.  The remaining fabric can only be considered scraps.

First I sewed some of the 7″ blocks.  I won’t sew anything together into big blocks at this point.  That will come after playing at the design wall.

I sewed 4 of the 3.5″ blocks too.  It has been about 3 years since I made Drunkard’s Path blocks so I needed some practice with the curves.  

I will be linking up with Vicki’s “Cross the Drunkard’s Path quiltalong”……link button on my right sidebar so you can see what everyone else is making.

Matching pieces…….

I cut 7.5″ strips from some of the African fabrics and then matched some of the batik leftover shapes to the fabrics.  Now I know which shapes to cut from the African fabrics.

This African fabric isn’t printed straight so I decided not to cut a strip and just fussy cut my pieces straight with the print.

My pale pink cactus wants to be first to bloom again.  I had buds on 2 white ones when I brought them in but they fell off one and aren’t getting much bigger on the other one.  I have buds starting on the 2 tone pink and white one too.

The trees are still multicolor.  Not many have turned all the way and some haven’t started turning yet.