Busy work………..

The art quilters came yesterday and we had a good time.  The weather was beautiful and warmer than normal for October.  Last night I just wanted some busy work sewing while I watched TV so I sewed leftovers from a 16 patch quilt to make some mug rug tops.


Little progress…………

 There is not much to show for my day yesterday.  I was cleaning off the cutting table and found these little blocks and made 2 mug rug tops.  They go on the pile and some day I’ll finish a bunch of them.  I had 2 dishcloths nearly done so finished both of them.  I’m cleaning up the basement for friends coming to sew Friday and the art quilters coming Monday.  Also I’m doing a lot of cutting on my Studio die cutter so lots happening but not much to show right now.

March recap……….

It was a productive month for finishes, 8 of them.  The only one started and finished in March was the Cowboys baby quilt.  Two of the quilt tops were made in January and three of them were made in February.  The bottom right top was made last year.  The top left top was made in 2012.  My goal was really to finish older tops into quilts and what I ended up doing was finishing more new tops into quilts.  I hope to reverse that this month.  I finished a total of 10 quilts for the first quarter of the year.

I knitted 7 dishcloths.  I showed the four at the top of the photo around St. Patrick’s day and completed the other three since then.  That is 19 dishcloths for the first quarter of the year.

I used a couple quilting designs that I had for my embroidery machine on the only 2 mug rugs that I finished.  On the bottom one I did straight line quilting as a filler around the embroidered design.  That makes 14 mug rugs total for the first quarter of this year.

I really hope I can keep up this pace but I know once it gets warm I have to go out and do lots of digging in the front flower garden.  I got a start on cleaning it up last year but have lots more to do to it.

February recap…….

I only had one complete finish for Feb.  I really thought I would get one quilted yesterday afternoon but after going to lunch with friends and then the repairmen coming I was wiped out.  This flannel quilt is really a favorite so I hope I’m not tempted to give it away.

The back is one long panel of the dark red and then 2 pieces each of the other two prints as a side panel.  All of the fabrics on the back are also in the quilt top.

I completed five quilt tops.  I was surprised when I got them into the group that 3 of them have brown in them.

Seven spring color dishcloths were completed in February.  Added to the 5 in January I am ahead of my goal of 60 this year.  If I keep up this pace I’ll have 72 finished by Dec. 31.  They are the ultimate relaxation project.

Five mug rugs completed.  I had pieced the tops earlier and just had to quilt and bind them.

While I was building the collage of finished tops I decided to take this quilt top and turn it all four directions to see how it looks.  It is 60″ x 70″ so almost too big for a wallhanging so as a couch quilt it will be seen from all directions anyway.

Auditioning again…….

After mentioning to several people that I didn’t want to add any different fabrics into this 2 color quilt, I realized I don’t even have enough of the dark zebra fabric left for binding so I went to my stash.  I found 4 pieces that are pretty close to the background color.  I think I had 2.5 yards of the darker fabric to start with and I have a 3/8 yard piece left plus several small pieces.

I waited all day for a repairman that never came.  I didn’t want to be in the basement because my doorbell sounds tinny  and not very loud (another repairman to call).  He said he would call before he comes but the last 2 times he said that and didn’t call first.  So….I quilted and bound 2 more mug rugs.  I had loaded a quilt on my frame 2 days ago and really wanted to be quilting it.

The pink and white blossoms were just begging to be photographed.

The last bloom on this red plant.  I have another red plant that has a bunch of new buds.

And then there were 6……

I pieced the two combinations that I cut on Monday and added them to the mix.

This will be the next combination that I cut.  I hope that diagonal stripe looks good in a wedge.  The fabric on the left is #02 in the Kaffe collection.  I’m not sure what year he had his first fabric printed.  The first time this one appeared in a book was in 2000.

I finished three mug rugs.

One of my baby cacti has a bud on it.  These are all pieces that broke off the big plants and I rooted them last year.  This might be white or pale pink.

If it is white it came from this one which has a very pale pink tint to the middle part but is luminous white otherwise.

January 2014 recap……..

I finished 4 quilt tops, 2 started last year and 2 started and completed in January.

One quilt top is mostly completed; I want to add some pieced borders to it yet.

I quilted and bound one quilt.  Started in the late 1990s.

Seven mug rugs were completed.

Five dish cloths knitted.  The top one is the end of 3 different balls of yarn.  I need to knit some cheerier colors this month.