Blocks, strata………….

I have 14 Hunter Star blocks sewn and fabrics chosen for 6 more.

I also inventoried all of my quilt tops waiting in line for quilting.  I needed to measure some and staple a little note with the size written on it on the corner of the quilt top.  That saves a lot of time when I’m ready to look for backing and batting pieces.

I sewed two more stratas for this TAW quilt and then decided what my center is so I can unpick more loops.  I won’t do too much more on this one until my February class starts.


9 thoughts on “Blocks, strata………….

  1. Just love your Hunter Star blocks, what is the measurement of each block ? They look large on my screen. But then you stated yesterday that it is going to be a small quilt.


  2. I have a quilt started like this one except my pieces were cut separately by me, many years ago before there were the cutters available now. A question – how do you choose the middle fabric for your “trip” quilts? Thanks.

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