Borders, finally………..

Two friends came over to sew yesterday and my project was the bottom border of this quilt.  See this post for the source of the pattern.  I had a few senior moments and made friends with my seam ripper, and finally by last night I had it sewn on.  It ended up 78″ x 103″.  I resized the churn dash from 81″ to 67.5″ because I wanted to make the quilt rectangular so it can be used on a twin bed.  The bottom border will be the drop at the foot of the bed.  I hung this horizontally on 2 design walls and then rotated the photo so it looks kind of wrinkly but it’s actually nice and flat.

Is anyone else having trouble leaving comments on blogs that have the comment box embedded on the same page as the post?  On about 80% of them my comment just disappears and on the other 20% the word “publishing” pops up and the comment is there.  The comment box has a new look that started a few months ago and it recognizes my blogger account so that isn’t the problem.  On my blog I have mine set for pop up box and I am able to leave comments on all others that have that setting and on the ones that have it set for full page.

And another thing as long as I’m on the Blogger subject, is the photos.  Some bloggers mention to click or double click on their photos but they have their photos set for “show photos with lightbox” in which you cannot click to enlarge the photo.  You can turn that off in settings, posts and comments.  Some people post photos in a reduced size that don’t enlarge and are even sometimes smaller when you click on them.  I realize it is personal choice for settings so this isn’t a criticism, just an observation.


Auditioning a border…………

I decided to play with the border idea for the Mega Churn Dash to see if it is going to work.  I scaled my churn dash down to 67.5″ square so I could make this into a rectangular quilt unlike the one in the book.  I’m planning on a bottom border like the top one which will  make the quilt 78″ x 103″.

I finished the bottom 2 dishcloths just in time for St. Patrick’s day.  The top right one used up the ends of 6 balls of yarn; not pretty but utilitarian.


I finally got some more of this quilt pieced.  The pattern is in “Adding Layers” by Kathy Doughty, the same book the Vintage Spin quilt is in.  This is up on a double design wall and is around 70″ square, one block of double wedding ring.

Here is the quilt in the book, 88″ square.  The directions call for the eye shaped piece in the center of each quarter to be appliqued but I pieced it in.  The whole ‘ring’ is also appliqued on the background and I’m thinking about piecing it too.

The background piece is a batik.  The quilt is called “Big Wedding” in the book.  Mine might be called “Wild Wedding”.  It is really a very neutral group of fabrics so it should fit into almost any color bedroom.

I got another Vintage Spin block pieced and ready to trim into a square.

The reveal…..

Here is the quilt top I made with the Alexander Henry zebra print.  It’s only a fluke that the zebras ended up in rows across the quilt.  I didn’t plan that.

It may just look like a quilt block but……..

this is the quilt in the book and it is 91″ square!  Yes, it is called Mega Churn Dash. 

I’m not sure what I’ll do for the border because I only have a limited amount of the dark print left.

This is the new book that it is in, just released by C&T Publishing, one of their Stash Books.

It is by none other than Kathy Doughty of “Fractured” fame (from her last book) and there is one fractured quilt in this book too.  I removed my post-it note on the cover to take this photo.  I have 6 quilts chosen (out of 15) that I might make.

Check your local quilt shop to see if they have it in yet. 

I have started a second quilt already.  Kathy used vintage fabrics for the one in the book but I wanted to use my Kaffe and Brandon fabrics.

Here are two new combinations I cut last night.  I’m using some of Kaffe’s very early fabrics as well as some recent ones.

It does require using a template to cut the pieces and I haven’t sliced an edge off the paper template yet.  I’m taking my time with the cutting. 

The quilt in the book has 20 blocks but I think I’ll stop at 12 so I can move on to the next quilt.  I also haven’t chosen a fabric for the center circles yet.  I’ll wait until I have more blocks made.