First May finish……….

While my 2 friends were here yesterday I finished quilting this wallhanging and sewed the binding on. Last night I did the hand sewing on the binding and hanging sleeve.  It is 40.5″ x 40″.

The binding is a black and white stripe made of dashes.

I am really feeling lost and indecisive without my triangle project.  It is the journey that I love the most: the process of choosing fabrics as I go and cutting and piecing little by little, experimenting with fabrics and finding out if they are going to work.  The end product is nice but the process is wonderful.  When the process if over, the last seam sewn, it is like I have lost a good friend.  I can visit the quilt top and enjoy it, but I miss the journey.  I hope my next project will be as much fun.

I counted fabrics in it last night and there are 100 different fabrics with 2 repeats.  I didn’t have to go shopping, the stash was there for me to play with. Here are 2 collages of the quilt progress.

Here is the post with the inspiration for this quilt.


Triangle quilt top finished……..

It is finally sewn together!  I’m so happy with it.  For new readers here is the post with the inspiration.  I worked on this quilt over a 6 week time period.  I planned on using all different fabrics but in the end I repeated two.

There are a couple older rare Kaffe fabrics in the project.  This is one of my favorites.

Here is another rare print.  

It ended up about 79″ x 95″ and it was a challenge for me at 5’1″ to get this up on the design wall for its photo session.

I took a few more nature photos but I’ll just show one today.  This is the third color Columbine that I have.  This color is growing in a couple different places but I like the backdrop of the stone on my house for the photo.

My daughter’s property with a named waterfall in NC is going to be on a TV show.    Here is a link to the Facebook page for all of the details.  You don’t have to have a Facebook account to read it.  I will be going out there for the reveal date.

A little more

I had lots of other projects yesterday and only worked on this project at night.  I sewed all of the triangles that I could and then looked for the last 4 fabrics.  I think these are the ones I’ll use however the bottom 2 will be reversed in order.  I’ll check again this morning to be sure they are the right ones and then I’ll start cutting.

For people who are just beginning to visit my blog and asking about the pattern (no reply people) here is the post where I showed my inspiration and mention the pattern.  You can also click on “quilts made with triangles” on my label list and go back through the posts to see the progress of the project.

I scrubbed my outside pots yesterday afternoon and started spray painting them.  I hope to do some planting in the pots and also finish spraying the last batch.

Triangles and blooms…………..

This is probably getting boring for my readers but necessary for my diary.  I have the top right corner complete now and am trying to make the last 2 decisions (4 fabrics).  I actually chose the bottom corner fabric after I took this photo.

I spent a considerable amount of time outside yesterday.  My Weigela bush is in full bloom.  Lots of weeds around it too, another day’s project.  I mowed my grass in 2 sessions.  I have a battery powered mower and the batteries are not holding a full charge any more.  I can get about 3/4 of my front lawn done before they need recharging.  I dug some more Hostas for friends while it charged.

Almost done……..

I filled in the last spot with a red that is more of a burgundy.  Click on the photo for a closer view.  I have 10 more fabrics to choose to make the half blocks on the right edge.  I will probably start sewing columns together today so I can make room for the last pieces on the wall.

I finished knitting a dishcloth and decided to knit 2 coasters to go with it and use up the rest of the yarn.  I have made some of these coasters for myself because I usually have a glass with an iced drink sitting on my kitchen counter.  I hate wet rings on the counter.

Progress report…………

I sewed lots of triangle units last night.  I’m at the end of the full squares now at the right edge and just need to add on the half blocks.  There is one space that still needs a fabric before I can finish the bottom corner.  I think it needs to be red so I’ll look through fabrics this morning.

Instant gratification: I ordered these fabrics at a weekend sale 8:30 Saturday morning and they were in my mailbox 9:30 Monday morning.  That’s fast!  Thanks Jackie!!

Triangle quilt….

I finally made the decision that orange was the best choice for the next block on this bottom edge.

Here is my progress.  I have filled in the top edge too.

I sewed these triangle units.

I sewed lots of the groups of 4 triangle units into blocks.  Now I can sew the next two columns together.