# 7 January finish…….

I finished the binding on the X and + quilt while I watched TV last night.  I LOVE this quilt!  I was explaining to my art quilting group that each block is a project in itself for this quilt.  You don’t plan the whole quilt; you plan each block and when you have enough of them made you lay them out in a pleasing arrangement.


I have a piece of a Kaffe Fassett green print inserted across the backing of a Jane Sassaman print.

Two of the art quilters brought their finished trip around the world quilt tops.

This is the center of the one above.

The rail of my quilting machine is in the way to see the whole quilt from this angle but this photo showed the African fabrics the best.

Here is the full view.  I thought the students from my 2 classes might like to see some alternate fabric choices.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing or making this quilt pattern.


March finishes…….

I did very little sewing yesterday.  Since I wanted to show March finishes I knew I had to sew the border on this one.  I chose the mottled fabric rather than the stripe batik and made the border narrower than I showed when I was auditioning the 2 fabrics.  I made all of the blocks and sewed the top together in 10 days and then it took 3 weeks to finalize my decision on the border.

I only ended up with 2 quilts totally finished in March, both flannel quilts.

These 3 tops were completed and all were started in February or March.  The flannel quilt on the left just needed the paper pieced border in March.  The center one was made from start to finish in March and the one on the right was started in Feb. and finished in March.  That makes 12 finishes for the first quarter of 2013.  If I could keep up that pace I would have all of my tops quilted by the end of the year.  That is if I can keep the ‘starts’ under control………

Happy Easter!…..

The Easter bunny turned his back on me when I tried to take his photo.  Maybe he wasn’t happy that a squirrel was in the picture too.
The X and + quilt top is sewn together and will wait its turn for quilting.  I’m not going to add a border, just a dark binding, either purple, green or deep red.  It will depend on what I put on the back.  It took me exactly 2 weeks from starting to cut to a finished quilt top on this one.
I have had a couple crows stopping in my backyard all week.  First they feed on the seeds on the ground and then they gather nesting materials and fly away.  They are so huge compared to the sparrows and cardinals.

Final layout and 2 finishes……

This IS the final layout.  My 2 friends came over to sew yesterday and we moved a few blocks and I thought it was done. Then last night I decided to look through the camera lens one more time and spotted 4 dark + in a row and I decided to move a couple blocks.  After 2 tries I decided it is done.  I needed to get the blocks off the wall so I could hang my 2 finishes up for their portraits.  I will sew the top together today.
I sewed on bindings while my friends were here.  I finished both of them by machine.  This Buzz Saw flannel quilt ended up 58″ x 72″.
The flannel 8 point star came out 60″ x 77″ after quilting.  I used the same fabric as the sashing and backing for the binding.  I think these are my only 2 finishes for March.  I hope to get one more finished for my goal of 3 per month.

It might be the final layout……..

I thought this was going to be my final layout all day as I kept peeking at it.  Then last night I saw the photo on the computer monitor and I might have to move one block.  There are 2 very dark X’s in the bottom left corner.  I know that once I move one block I’ll end up having to move others so it might just stay the way it is.  I moved a lot of blocks yesterday morning.  The X’s are alternated light and dark so I can’t just move one block to the side, it has to go diagonally to stay in the same position.  The bottom right corner has 3 darks together because the block I pulled out was a light and I didn’t want to make another block.  I have 2 friends coming over today to sew so I’ll see what they think.
It finally got warm enough to go out for a walk yesterday.  It was 45 degrees and the sun was shining and no wind so it felt warmer than it was.  I walked down to the Hallmark store to get a birthday card and stopped at the post office to mail the card on my way home.

35 blocks and a possible layout….

Here are the last 4 blocks.  Again I had orange, red and yellow in mind since this quilt can handle the bright colors.  I only needed 3 but I sew them in groups of 2 so I made 4.
I removed one block that I didn’t think belonged and added the 4 new blocks.  This may be the final layout but I’ll have to look at it several times today before I decide.
This is the block that came out.  If you look back at Wednesday’s post, you will see that it looks dull and mushy, neither of which belonged in this quilt.
This red cactus continues to bloom. I am so happy to have flowers inside in this cold spring weather. 

50" x 60" or 50" by 70"?…….

My goal yesterday was lighter color blocks and more orange and red.  I also wanted to use the London print.
Now the decision is do I stop at 30 blocks and eliminate 2 or make 3 more to complete another row.  Since the blocks are 10″ it is easy to calculate the size.
I decided to go through the final box of corduroy in the attic.  All of these are scraps from jumpers that I made for my daughter in the late 1960’s and early 70’s.  I also found some leftovers from a maternity outfit so the corduroys are 45-53 years old.  I washed them because they have been in the attic for over 25 years.  I didn’t think I wanted to make another quilt with corduroy but I think I will now.  I will probably use the 8.5″ squares like I did in the denim/corduroy quilts a couple years ago.  I probably have 30 different colors and patterns.
This piece of corduroy is 36″ wide so I know it dates back to the 50’s or 60’s.  I don’t remember it so I think maybe someone gave it to me.
The orange cactus is blooming.  There are 5 buds so I hope I get 5 blooms and that they don’t dry up like they have done in the past.