Doing the hand sewing………….

I have the facings hand sewn on the “Many Moons” quilt.  Go here if you want more info on facings vs. binding.  I sewed the hanging sleeve onto the top facing before sewing it to the quilt.  Now I just need to sew down the bottom edge of the sleeve.  I hope I can show it hanging on the wall tomorrow.

It was a chilly day yesterday.  I picked all of the green tomatoes that were a decent size and wrapped them in newspaper to ripen.  Our first freeze warning was given last night.


Many Moons quilted………..

I wanted the quilting on “Many Moons” to look like wispy clouds floating by.

I hope it looks good hanging in my living room.  I trimmed it but haven’t cut the facing pieces yet.

I make sure there is water in the bird bath every day.  Birds are migrating through now and they need a drink and sometimes a bath.  We haven’t had rain for quite awhile so there isn’t any other source of water for them.  The robins stand there and drink for a long time and then some take a bath, some don’t.

Sorting through………..

I was tired last night and didn’t type my post and schedule it for 5 a.m. like I usually do so here it is a little later than usual. 
Yesterday I decided I needed to clean out one of these drawers.

I pieced these stratas from crooked strips back in 2008.

 and these……

and these……..

and now the drawer is empty.  I already know what I will store in there.

Tomorrow I’ll show what I’m doing with the stratas.

The asters are in full bloom now and goldenrod makes a nice accent color with it.  The asters are a little more purple than they look here.  

This is the other color asters that I have.  They planted themselves along the driveway by the bushes.  They get too tall and fall over but they are so pretty. 

5 sections…….

I sewed the quilt in 5 sections.  I will get the last 4 seams done today.  It looks like it is going to fit together OK.  I had to measure it to be sure since I could trim the center section if necessary.

One more day and this first cactus bloom will be opened.  I took this photo in low light rather than move the plant.  They don’t like to be moved once they start budding out.

I just HAD to buy this cute zebra fabric that was on sale a couple weeks ago.  They said it was oxford cloth but is more like canvas.  I think it would make a cute tote bag with black accents.

Cutting and playing……..

I still haven’t cut a huge amount of squares of Kaffe fabric but I’m playing with combinations anyway.  The values (dark, medium,light) are placed in different positions in all of the blocks.

The birdbath is getting a lot of use lately.  Every time I would focus the camera on it, most of the birds would fly away.  The mourning dove is persistent about getting his/her turn though.  A sparrow watches and waits.


I made one last walk around the house to cut volunteer trees to go on the brush pile on the driveway.  Pickup will be some day this week.  While I was out there I noticed the hydrangeas are past time to be cut and dried.  I should have done them 3 weeks ago.  I got one good bouquet which I’m hanging from my bicycle handlebar to dry.  I don’t think they need to be upside down to dry but it sure is the easiest way to do them.  

The Sandwich Fair starts Wednesday and goes through Sunday.  Labor Day was the latest date it could be this year so the fair was also late, always starting on the Wednesday after Labor Day.


Tilt!!  I thought it was straight when I took it……  I removed some of the triangle squares and started playing with another layout.  I love star blocks.  When I saw the photo it looked like the beginning of a medallion quilt.  Still no decision what I’ll end up with.  Today is the twice monthly sewing group so I rounded up some fabric and dies to take to do some cutting with the GO Baby! die cutter.