Running out of steam…..

I wish things could be spread out more, not back to back like Monday night and yesterday.  I still haven’t put away the quilts from the program that I gave Mon. night.  I also haven’t unpacked the bags from the QOV sew-in yesterday.  I have dishes in the kitchen sink and the kitchen table is piled high.  Today maybe I can relax and clean it all up.  Last night I cut 8.5″ squares with my Studio die cutter of plaid homespun and a few flannel prints.  I started cutting more denim squares but I decided I had done enough for one day.  I need to have enough squares cut for 3 quilts that I hope to give away at Christmas time.

>Back to the archives

>I haven’t done anything new, just cleaning the basement to get ready for company next week. I don’t think you want to see a picture of me cleaning. This is a quilt top I made in 2005. The fabric in the border inspired the fabric choices. It is a combination of big stars, little stars, 4 patches and plain squares. Ignore the yellow walls, it is the only room with a queen size bed in it. You can see my Laurel Burch embroidered cat curtains in this picture. You can see touches of the big print in this picture. It has always been one of my favorite floral prints.
I had 2 different paisleys that I used that help the star points to disappear now and then.
I did work a couple batiks into it too, the green fern and the dotted one in the picture below.
I gave this quilt top to my daughter for Christmas that year and haven’t gotten it quilted yet for her. I want to piece the back from a lot of the leftover fabrics. I have started laying it all out and have sewn some of the pieces together.

Thanks everyone for your comments about autograph books. I had forgotten about the yearbooks, but yes I have 4 of them loaded with signatures. It will be my 50th class reunion this year. I think I should go back and read some of them before Sept.

>Nothing much

>I have sent my things off to the gallery in southern IL and can’t seem to get started on a project yet. I was going through a bunch of pictures and found these 3 from about 8 years ago. I was working with the yarn dyed woven fabrics in both brushed and plain on these. They have pieced backgrounds and raw edge applique. I gave a workshop on it and then sold all of my samples. If anyone is interested in the screen prints I showed last week, they are up on my blog-shop. Also I will be removing some of the wallhangings for sale next Saturday so if there is anything you are interested in, look now.

The sun is shining and it is supposed to be all the way up in the 40’s today. There was frost on the ground this morning. The weathermen are promising spring next week. Do we dare believe them?

>This picture is fuzzy

>Sorry I just couldn’t resist that title. Everyday I have to think of a title for my post. It isn’t quite as bad as coming up with names for the quilts but is a close second. I usually load the pictures first and then hope a title will spring into my head.

There was that craze a few years back for the fuzzy seams in quilts. I made a few but I thought the clipping of the seams was brutal on my hand and didn’t stick with it for long. The one below is made with the yarn dyed wovens that are a little looser weave and that fray very nicely. I have another one, a log cabin started in the same type of fabrics. It has been in a box for at least 5 years. This little quilt is 30″ x 36″ and is really a little more burgundy than the picture.
Here is a close up of the seams. This particular direction had you sew with 1/2″ seams where some of the flannel quilt patterns used 1″ seams.
We had a balmy day around 40 degrees F yesterday and now late today we are supposed to get 4″ of snow. My art quilters are coming today so I hope it holds off til evening.

>Pieces and Parts

>I kind of feel like I am a dumpster diver as I get to the bottom of the UFO box. I haven’t fallen in yet though! I am able to reach the bottom while my feet are on the floor. The one below is a variation of the braided border. The difference in this one is that you don’t trim off the ends, you join them to other rows to make a complete pieced section. The directions are in Georgia Bonesteel’s “Bright Ideas for Lap Quilting” book. My intention was to make a background of all beiges and then do some abstract applique on it. Let’s see, her book came out in 1990, I probably made this in 1991, and…….hmmmm…….I don’t think it is high on my priority list. The IDEA of it still intrigues me……. Should it go vertical, or horizontal, or should it just go over to my blog-shop later today?
Here is another oldie. I am a farm girl so when I saw this pattern of scarecrows I knew I had to make it. We never had a scarecrow on our farm but I always thought they were interesting.
A close up of those lovely fabrics.
The pattern was in a book “Down the Road a Piece” by Gerry Kimmel, Linda Brannock, and Jan Patek. If any of you were followers of the Red Wagon series of books, this one came out in 1990.
I only got as far as 4 of the scarecrows and decided I had enough of them. I really thought it was going to be the center of a medallian style country quilt. Oh, well, one more that didn’t get made.

>One old, one new

>I took a Roberta Horton workshop on plaids and stripes a long time ago. This is the quilt that I made of mostly her line of fabric that is so soft and comfy to wrap up in. It isn’t beautiful by any means but I still like it. I got tired of the same old block so I started taking my scraps as I was working and made some crazy pieced blocks for some of the center squares. This one is a couch throw quilt. One of the days before Thanksgiving when I had an hour to spare before picking up my parents I finished piecing the top of the Kaffe Fassett Trip Around the World. It is up on my design wall waiting for me to choose borders.

>Another side of me

>As much as I love bright, clear colors, I like all types of fabric. I like plaids and like the way they mix in with the country style prints. I started this quilt back in the time period when we were into the Red Wagon books and more primitive style quilts. I made the log cabin blocks first and they were for a specific quilt. As time went on I knew I really didn’t want to make that quilt so I started playing around with Friendship Star which is in the center of the quilt. I had seen a quilt made of this block in a book, and after making the amount of blocks I have here, I was done with that. I always say I have the attention span of a Kindergartner. I get tired of things easily or I see something else I want to try, and off I go in another direction. I call this one Country Sampler and it has been a favorite of mine for years. I was always looking for a new class to teach and decided to offer this one. I always had one in progress so I could show the “how to” so I decided to choose a totally different type of fabric for this next one. I had been collecting the 30’s reproduction fabrics for years and wanted to use them. I didn’t need to show them any technique on the 2 end panels so I left them off of this one and it is a baby quilt.

>Who made this???

> I had a friend named Jane who lived in my neighborhood. I met her when she owned the health food store in town. She loved primitives and most of the things she made were subjected to coffee grounds and tea dyeing. We ended up starting a group at the store I worked at and it was called Noah and Friends. We were heavily into the Red Wagon books and their wonderful quilts. I started making one like one in a book and decided it would be all hand appliqued and hand quilted. It had 3 cornstalks; after appliqueing awhile I decided one was just fine. I added the moon and stars to mine and then Jane convinced me there should be an evil eye to keep away the evil spirits so there it is on the bottom right corner. I wanted my quilting to be very primitive and uneven and also wanted the corners of the binding to curve as if I hadn’t learned how to do mitered corners.
A close up of my uneven quilting and the evil eye.