Last 3 days………..

There are just 3 days left on my current show at Ciel Gallery in Charlotte NC.  My daughter says they still have lots of jewelry, ceramics, mosaic crosses, iron sculptures, paintings and mosaics available in addition to my wall art and mug rugs.


My film debut……….

Wanda S. Hanson presents her quilts at Ciel Gallery from Zach Burkhart on Vimeo.

This is the video my grandson filmed and composed for me from my show in North Carolina in June.  He is very talented and does freelance filmmaking.  Here is his website if you would like to see more of his work.

Press Release…..Ciel Gallery……

Tonight is the first Friday Crawl in Charlotte, NC at the Ciel Gallery where I had my show in June.  A few of my pieces are still hanging including 2 of the batik colorwashes.  Their display this month sounds like fun with the students showing off their pieces.  The Ciel partners also are showing their new works.  Here is the press release:

Opening Reception Friday, August 3

6:00 – 9:00 PM

128 E. Park Avenue

Come see what we’ve been up to at Ciel!

Students and Instructors Show Off

to give you a taste of what we offer in classes and Visiting Artist Workshops,

as well as new work from Ciel Partners.

Another SOLD!

Another small piece sold at my show at Ciel Gallery in Charlotte NC.  The show will end at 5 p.m. Saturday June 30 so you still have time to see it if you are in the area.  Yesterday a blog reader and her husband from AL visited and also a NC resident who traveled 3 1/2 hours to see the show was there.  My daughter was in her studio and got to meet them.  Thanks to both of you!!  I wish I could have been there and met you too.

I decided to make another piece similar to this one.  So far I have just pressed all of the raw edge strip onto a piece of fusible batting.  I have no idea what is happening to it next.  I’ll let it tell me.
Warning to greedy squirrels:  Don’t go head first into the bird feeder without an escape plan!!  I was eating my lunch and glanced out at this feeder and noticed the tail wasn’t moving.  I went out to investigate and he’s dead in there.  I thought I could shake him out but he’s stuck.  It really makes me angry that he waited until I hung a new feeder to replace the one that was worn out.  The squirrels have been doing this dive into the feeders for years and this is the first one that didn’t make it out.  They are just too handy for their own good.  They know how to pop the tops off of 2 of my 3 bird feeders in about 2 seconds.  I won’t be replacing this feeder.

Another student link……….

Here is a link to another student’s blog post about my class in NC.  Check out her work on her blog.  She makes some great stuff!

I forgot to show this sample to my Thursday class in NC. I always have them piled in order and somehow missed this one.  It is an example of leaning toward the next colors in the color wheel.  This one is blue with turquoise and periwinkle added.  Here is a better shot of it.
We should have hung this little quilt higher for all of the attention it got.  Here is the post with the step by step of how I made it.  The show is hanging at Ciel Gallery until June 30th if you are in the area of Charlotte NC and want to see it in person.

I made a purchase…………

While I was visiting Ciel Gallery where my show is hanging, I made a purchase.  A museum charges admission.  A gallery lets you browse for free and depends on purchases to keep their doors open.
I was impressed with the nice jewelry pouch holding my purchase.  It will be handy when I travel next time.
I love necklaces and especially hand made ones with lots of different elements.
There are 5 partners in Ciel Gallery with a variety of products available.  Some of them do commission work also.  If you have enjoyed a visit to a gallery lately, tell your friends about it.  If you know of an office that is being redecorated or a friend needing fresh new art for their walls, check out Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC and all of the neighboring galleries.  Of course the featured artists would like sales too, to cover the costs of shipping, hanging, and insurance to produce their month long shows.  Here is a link to the current show (mine).  You can check out my posts about the gallery if you go to my label list (right sidebar) and click on NC.  The photos on the website and my blog were taken different times of the day so you can see them in all different kinds of lighting, some natural daylight, some artificial lighting.
Also while there check out my daughter’s studio space.  It is a dream studio and you can see her works in progress as well as items she sells.

I’m home…….

I left my daughter’s house at 9:30 a.m. yesterday and got home at 2 p.m.  That would be 3 p.m. her time so a 2 hour flight takes 5.5 hours from door to door.  I was too exhausted to do more than grocery shop and fill the bird feeders.  I’m just posting 2 more photos from my show because I want to remind everyone that the show continues until June 30.  This shot shows the sales counter with the display behind it.
I accidentally pressed the  button on my camera as I was lowering it and got a tilted photo that is amazingly in focus.  It was taken the day we were setting up and still has a ladder in the photo.  This shows the neat ceiling that was covered with a drop ceiling when they took possession of the building.
Hopefully I will have some energy today and get back to my studio.