Second time around………..

In my hurry to get this top sewn together I didn’t notice that I was one strip short of the complete design.  Since I had a half strata left I fixed that and went ahead and added another strip to both sides so it now measures 74″ x 103″.

And here is another closeup of that wonderful center.


Sewn together……..

I think I have just made my first watermelon quilt.  That’s how it looks in a photo anyway.  The fabric I thought might look good as a border was too busy so it will go on the back.  I didn’t measure this but it should be about 54″ x 68″.

At the sew in yesterday I got another flannel quilt top sewn all in one direction and pressed the seams when I got home.  I’ll probably save it to sew the seams in the other direction at the next sew in.

Thank you everyone for your comments yesterday and all of the personal emails.  I don’t know about achieving another 3000 blog posts but I will definitely keep posting every day as long as I can, hopefully several more years.

Almost done…………and 3000 posts……..

Yesterday afternoon I cut 4.5″ squares from my flannel scraps for another quilt to work on at our twice monthly sew in today.  Then last night I started sewing this TAW together.  I have about 5 more strips to add and then I can press it and photograph it.  I’m thinking about bordering this one to make it a little larger.

This is my 3000th post.  It is amazing…..I didn’t think I would have enough to write about when I started my blog.  I consider it my public diary and a reference; I have looked back many times to see when I did a particular thing.  It is also my photo album, full of progress reports on several hundred quilts over a 7.5 year time period.

Students’ quilts……..

This is the one that I didn’t get a photo of at the last class.  It is a lap/couch quilt size.  Be sure to click and enlarge the photo to see all of the fabric choices.

I love how they look sewn together after the unpicking is all done.  Check back here to see this one in progress on the design wall.

The left side of this one is sewn and the right side was unpicked yesterday.  

A lot of class time was spent with fabrics the students brought.  We put them in order and figured out the cutting sizes for their future projects.

I put a pile of my fabrics on the table and had them work on an order for them.  The top row is the way they were when the students left.  I looked at them later in the day and decided to add one more light fabric and one more multicolor and pulled out 2 of the black/charcoal gray fabrics (the bottom row).

February recap……and TAW progress……

I had 3 finishes for February, one from 2014, one from 2013 and the flannel top finished and quilted in February.  

 I finished 2 quilt tops which I hope to quilt in March.  My goal is to quilt at least 2 older tops and these 2 new tops this month.  I also plan to finish piecing the last blocks for both the Blazing Star which I started last year and the Hunter Star which is more recent.

This is a portion of the latest student’s quilt.  There are a lot of neat larger prints used in this one and they create a lot of interest.

I finished unpicking all of the loops for my TAW and last night sewed 4 of the top to bottom long seams.  I want to finish sewing this together today.