Still auditioning……..

I made more double 4 patch blocks and then decided to see if there was any other fabric i wanted to try in the alternate blocks.  I really want to use this teapot fabric in something.  I notice in the photo that it is a one way design and I have 2 blocks turned the wrong way.  I’ll continue making blocks and auditioning fabrics and the answer will come some day.


Cleaning, playing…….

It’s time to clean the basement again for the art quilters to come on Monday.  While I was down there I was looking at my boxes of pieces on a shelf unit.  I pulled these 2 boxes.

I decided to play awhile so I designed and sewed 3 table runners and 2 table toppers.  Then back to cleaning.  

 I noticed my first tiger lily blooming in the front garden.  Then I noticed one in the back garden too.  

 Also in the front garden the Rudbeckia is blooming.

The purple balloon flowers have been blooming for awhile and now the pale pink ones are blooming too.  I pulled out a bunch of evening primrose that the Japanese beetles have been feeding on.  Also pulled out a bunch of bindweed and there is a lot more to do.

>A better photo………..


I finally got a good photo of “Chocolate and Caramel”.  I finished the quilting on it in Feb. this year but the top was completed in June of 2008.  I brought 2 design walls up to the living room and took this photo with the natural daylight .

I took 3 detail photos too since I gave this away last week and mailed it to the recipient on Friday.  I want to remember all of the wonderful fabrics I used in it.

This is another one that you would have to see in person to see the richness of the colors.  They are more subdued in a photo.

This is the tree across the street, my view from the front door.  The temperature is dipping down low at night.  It is getting dark by a little after 7 p.m.  Autumn is here.

>One quilted, three to go


One quilt, of the 4 in my February quota is quilted.  I went with my wavy cross hatching again. I know I won’t get any bindings done this month.  Full view of this quilt top is here.

Anonymous said…

did i miss this earlier?… how do you prevent stretching the bias diagonal as you sew?

This comment (above) was left yesterday.  I never have trouble with the bias on trianges.  This picture shows the incorrect way to sew triangles.

This picture shows the correct way, with the triangle supported on a flat surface all the way through the machine.  I sewed for many years with my machine on the kitchen table.  I have not always had the set up I have now.  I have the clear acrylic table around the arm of my machine in this picture.  Full view of it was on yesterday’s post.  I also have a cabinet with a machine down in it so I have a level surface.  My work improved dramatically with the flat surface, vs. the work draped over the machine.  My suggestion is that if you are serious about the accuracy of your piecing, invest in an acrylic extension table or one of the tables or cabinets that your machine fits into, flush with the surface.  Another option is to pile hard cover books in front and behind your machine to create a flat surface.

I have over half of the triangles sewn into the squares now.  I have also turned all of the sewn ones so that it has a dark center, which also makes the point on the left side dark (which is what I wanted).

Here it is again with the light center.  Now I have to decide which way to go by the time I get the rest of the squares sewn.
A friend I used to work with came to my house to see the quilts I am working on and then we went out for lunch.  She said the same thing my art quilters always tell me, that the quilts are even more beautiful in person than they are on the computer monitor.  That is a little plug for always going to quilt shows and guild meetings to see the real thing if you are able to.

>I hope it all goes well……


Today is the day the gas meter goes outside.  I don’t like workmen in my house so I can’t wait until this is over and I can set my design walls back in place and play.  Maybe tomorrow I will have some more interesting pictures to share.
I was sorting through things last night again…. my spare parts left from so many projects.  I have 37 double 4 patch blocks.  I have 11 light ones and 26 dark ones.  If I use them in a pieced back it won’t matter that there isn’t an even number of both.  I may want to use them as alternate blocks again like I did in my basket quilt.  Decisions, decisions!
I figured out how to make “left align” text work in the new post editor.  You have to just start typing and then click on the left align icon.  I was trying to make the cursor go to the left and it wouldn’t do anything until there was a letter there first. 

I have added 2 new pages (top of right side column) and added some more pictures on the crazy piecing page.

>I happened to glance up at my small design wall……..
and saw that my scrappy combination of double 4 patch blocks were up there. I am heavy in the combination with the light chain and light in the ones with a dark chain to make the design come out even. The 4 corners should have all been dark chains.
I wasn’t sure if I like the way 2 dark blocks come together at the corners of the center diamond so then I alternated dark and light chains within the center diamond. Once again I didn’t have quite the right number with dark chains so 3 blocks in the outer rows are wrong in this one. I’m not sure which way I want it to be so I’ll make some more blocks from the leftover basket quilt strips and add more rows.

I didn’t feel like hand sewing on the binding yesterday so I started quilting the little baby quilt, also made with leftover 4 patches. I have 3 different machines that I quilt with. This one is the Babylock Quilters Professional straight stitch only machine. I really like the walking foot on this one because it has a nice narrow groove between the sides so your eye really stays on the seam line.

This machine also has a nice slow even speed so my ditch quilting is really in the ditch. When you want to go fast it does 1500 stitches per minute though, great for sewing on those long borders.

I only got both sides of the border quilted and 3 vertical rows out of 5 done. I still have the horizontal rows and then I have to decide if I will add free motion quilting or possibly some diagonal lines through the squares .

The weather was beautiful yesterday, not too cool, not too hot, just right.

>Second group for second class……….
Was that title confusing enough? I had more people in the Double 4 patch class than we had room for in the designing stage so I had half of them meet last Friday and the rest will meet today. The store isn’t open on Mondays so we will have the place to ourselves. I finally had a chance to do some sewing on my scrappy blocks, some finished and 3 still in pieces. I am using the leftovers from the basket quilt that I was working on (and that still isn’t finished).
Here is one more picture of the view from my kitchen window, taken with the zoom feature. If you click on it you will see many different varieties of hostas. My coneflowers are getting tall back there but because they don’t get much sun they will bloom later than the ones in the front yard.

We had glorious low humidity and sunshine with cooler temperatures yesterday. All of my windows were open so I could breathe real air. I am not a big fan of air conditioning but have to run it on the really steamy days.