Wonderful relaxing day…….

I had the best time with Bunny and Betty yesterday but the photo of us is in Betty’s camera and she will send it to me soon.   I had emptied this cabinet of quilts when I was moving it to paint behind it.  I decided I would just leave the quilts out to show to them, let the quilts lay in a pile unfolded for a few hours and then refold and put them away. I try to fold them a different way each time I return them to the shelf.  Then we went to my studio and then to the basement play room.  I think they decided I have a lot of fabric……  We went to lunch at Bull Moose Bar and Grille.  There is a tab with the history of the railroad car which is part of the restaurant.  If you are ever in Sandwich IL you should check it out. 
I made the last 6 blocks last night and moved a few from their positions in yesterday’s photo.  I think I need to take one of the darker ones in the bottom row and put it farther to the left instead of 3 dark in a row at the end.  I need to make the final decisions soon because I have these 2 design walls leaning against the washer and dryer and I need to do some laundry.

>Where the quilts live

>Elsie asked me in the comments one day, what do I do with all of my quilts. I bought this nice cupboard last year to finally have some of the quilts where I can see them instead of them being in a dark closet. In here are baby quilts and bed quilts, and a few lap quilts. These are the ones I don’t mind having fold marks in.
There are still a bunch in here that I haven’t shown to you yet. More posts in my future! 4 quilts are on beds. This is the guest bed with one quilt folded across the foot of the bed.
I have 9 quilts hanging on walls, a pile of newly finished ones on a bench, and the rest are folded as little as possible and are in a hall closet. I have given away a lot of quilts, some on the spur of the moment when someone admires it. I usually don’t remember what I gave to who in this case, all I remember is that I gave them away. I have sold many quilts over the 49 years I have been making them. I would like to sell some more and have contemplated starting a second blog for this purpose.

A big thank you to all who responded yesterday to my question. I have posted 114 times in 92 days so far. I have the urge to post more than once a day and have to hold myself back. This isn’t because I have nothing else to do, it is because I have so much I would like to share. I appreciate all of your insight into my query.