Time to sew and design………….

It was too wet to mow the grass because of rain in the morning yesterday so I had the whole day to work on my projects.  This photo is 32 double 4 patch blocks, 4 each of 8 fabric combinations.

I continued on the batik rectangle colorwash.  I got this far by noon yesterday.

I had two afternoon sessions on it.  This was the first one.

I got this far by early evening.


Double 4 patch blocks…….

To finish cleaning off one cutting table I had to cut the big squares for 8 more combinations.  Then I could put the fabrics back on the shelf.  I sewed two of each combination last night and will finish sewing the other 2 of each tonight.

We had rain several times yesterday and lots of sunshine in between.  I dug up 2 more hostas for a friend who is coming by today.

Looking for matching fabrics….

As I search for the fabrics matching the sewn strips so I can cut the 4.5″ squares I’m thinking that maybe I was going to make some 16 patches to mix into the quilt.  If I don’t find any more matching fabrics I’ll just go to the stash and cut more fabric.

This is at the waiting area for our gate at the Asheville NC airport.  I don’t think we’ll ever see rocking chairs at the Chicago airports.

I have the yellow primroses in all of my gardens and they are all blooming now.  

The flowers in the pots are filling in too.

The tomato plants grew a lot in the 3 hot days I was gone.  Now it has cooled down a little and we got some rain.

I need to download the photos from my phone and then I can show you the alpacas.

Progress on doouble 4 patch………

I have a few more blocks done and several more in progress.  I definitely need to move it over by the other lights because it is prettier than this photo.

This is the front jungle after the rain.  There are Hosta, Primroses, Balloon flowers (not blooming yet), Tiger Lilies (not blooming yet) Red Penstemon, and Wild Geranium plus 2 bushes.  I will dig out a bunch of the Primroses when they are done blooming.  They spread a little more each year.

Double 4 patch start……..

I had to look back at some Double 4 patch quilts I made in the past to remember there were both light and dark blocks.  I cut more of the strip sets into 4 patch units and cut a couple more strips from which to cut the squares.  It isn’t very pretty yet as some of the warmer tones are missing so far.

The primroses by the sidewalk are blooming now as well as the spirea bushes.

I am happy I mowed the grass Friday since it has been getting more humid and we got .65″ of rain yesterday.  It is supposed to be in the 80s all week so I hope it cools off by the time I need to mow again.


Yesterday morning I had a visit from a reader of my blog and her daughter.  It was like we were old friends and have always known each other.  It was definitely the highlight of my day.  They used to live in this area but we never met during that time.  I showed them both studios and nooks and crannies plus a lot of quilts. 

After they left I decided I needed to check out some of my unlabeled boxes on the shelf units.  In this one I found lots of 6.5″ batik squares.  There are 4 alike of each in the back 2 rows and 2 each on the pile on the right front.  Maybe another simple fast quilt is in my future.

On Friday I had pulled out the 4 patches I made probably at least a year ago.  I have more strips all sewn together ready to cut for more of them.  This will probably be my night sewing project for awhile.


I was too tired to do any sewing after I got home from church sewing circle so I did laundry and picked up some of my mess in the basement.  I decided to put the best 24 blocks of this 4 patch posy group on the design wall and maybe I can decide how to finish them into a top.  The blocks will finish at 11″.