>Leaf Art

>I finally finished an art piece. I made this background 2 years ago and decided I didn’t like it and it went into the pile of pieces and parts. Then I printed the leaves that I had scanned and fused some Wonder Under to them and cut them out. Again I thought, maybe, but I put it aside again. Then last week I decided I really did like it (the old saying, it will grow on you) and I finished it last night. This one measures 17.5″ x 13.5″ I wanted to so some minimal stitching on the leaves to give them a little bend rather than having them flat.
This one taken with the close up setting on the camera is a little grainy but you can see how realistic the printed leaves are.
Next, my little entertainers weren’t supposed to find this little suet basket on the forsythia bush outside my kitchen window. Then I realized a branch from the red bud tree comes over to the forsythia so the mystery is solved.
And his grand escape as he watches me through the window.