Backing fabric choices…………..

In my search for backing fabric I found almost enough of the one on the left.  I would be 1/2 yard short so I could piece a section out of the leftover fabrics to fill in.  Then I found the fabric on the right of which I have enough for one length for the back.  So….my choices would be one full length of each fabric or piecing in a section to add to the fabric on the left.  They are both Martha Negley fabrics, also Westminster fabrics like Kaffe Fassett fabric is.

Stars added……….

I have the top sewn together now.  I added in a 9″ wide row on the left which includes the four star blocks.  I had a few 9″ (finished size) squares left from the original group cut and I had to cut a couple 6″ (finished) squares as well as quite a few 3″ (finished) squares to finish it.  It is now 75″ x 93″.  I would like it a couple inches longer……but I’m done.  I will look for backing when I get home from my appointment in Chicago today.  It looks a lot more yellow to me in person but I think the camera likes to pick up the pink.

Here are some of the quilts started in my class yesterday.  It is the Stack and Slash pattern.  There will be 2 of these child size quilts from one student.  The one with the big “I” in the top left corner was a mistake in piecing but her name starts with I so she put it in there for the photo.

I couldn’t get my camera to catch the beauty of this purple and red one.  It is a little deeper toned than the photo. She got the top sewn together but in that photo the color is even farther off.
I finished my blocks in class and then put it on my design wall at home.  I had the floral print in10 of the blocks so it had to touch from block to block in a few places.  I don’t think that is a bad thing though.
I sewed the orange top together last night but didn’t get it pressed yet.  This is closer to the real color but a little pale.  I have found orange almost as hard to photograph as red.

Last block, binding, bloom……

I cut the final block out of the large print and then rearranged the blocks again.  I’m pretty sure this is the final layout and I’ll sew it later tonight.  I have an all day class to teach today.
I started hand sewing the binding on one of the small crooked cobblestone wallhangings.  I have to print a label before I can finish the bottom edge.
This is the very last bloom of the season.  I think I will re pot some of the plants that are crowded.  I bought the soil mix that is prepared especially for cactus.

Just one more block…….

I made 4 more 16 patches and 3 more tiny 16 patches and cut one more square of the large print. I could take the easy way out right now and add one more square of the large print.  But then I could make some more tiny 16 patches like I originally planned.  It is an odd size, 40″ x 64″ right now.  I might add borders to make it a little larger.  I’m ready to move on now that I know what it looks like.  You know, the attention span of a 4 year old…..
I finished sewing the sample for my crosses class.  I added 4 more rows on after class to make it square, 18″ square.  It will make a nice table mat.  It might be fun to add a lot of straight line quilting to this one too.

A lot of quilting, a little orange……

I spent 2.5 hours Saturday night and 3 hours last night and I’m down to just 3 little strips that still need quilting.  I’m using rayon embroidery thread for the quilting so the shine from the overhead lights makes it look white in some places but it really is colors matching the fabrics.  I may have to wet this one to block it but I’ll try steam first.
I cut the 8.5″ squares from the large print so I could do a trial layout and see what I need to add to make the quilt a little larger.  There are 2 blocks of each combination except the printed tiny checkerboard of which there are 4.  I realized right away I wanted more of that in there.  I have only pieced one small checkerboard with 1.5″ strips so far but I will do at least 5 more so there will be 3 spots with 4 patches created with them and the large print.  I have one more set of strips not sewn yet and I’ll look through my fabrics to see if there are any more oranges hiding.
Today is church sewing circle so I cut out 8 little gowns from flannel yesterday and packed my bag.  I have a couple errands to do as long as I’m that far from home too.  It is supposed to snow toward the end of the day so I hope I get home before that starts.

A little more orange……

I have added 4 more blocks to the mix and opened up the large print to see more of it in the layout.  I don’t think I want that much of it showing and I only have a little over a half yard.  I can get 5 squares out of one strip of 8.5″ so I can only have 10 squares total in the quilt.
Here is an alternate fabric that I tried for the plain squares.  I like the contrast but there is too much brown in the print.  Dark orange is rust which goes into brown and I don’t want to go there.  I want the quilt to remind me of orange juice.
This is one of the best parts of a new project: seeds for more original art.  Some of it will make its way into crooked cobblestones, the rest – more fun.
Here is the yellow quilt I made in 2009.  I still haven’t taken a better photo of it.
I made this red quilt in 2007 from triangles I cut in the late 1990s, mostly calico type prints.  It is another that I need a better photo of.  I need to put something gray next to it so the camera can read the color right.  Then I will crop the gray out of the photo.  I guess you can see my favorite side of the color wheel, the warm colors.  I have blues, turquoises and greens cut but don’t have enough of any of them yet to start the quilts.  I am making the one color quilts all lap size.

Orange progress and quilting…..

I put the large design batik on the wall and then put the blocks I have made so far on top of it to see if I like it.  I’m going to have to look at this for a couple days.  I have enough strip piecing to make 2 blocks alike of each combination and I have about 6 more combinations to sew yet.
I looked through all of my regular quilting fabrics and only came up with 2 that might work with the batiks.  The rest of them had too much yellow or leaned too far toward red orange.
This is the next quilt in line for quilting.  You may recognize it as ‘my second favorite’ on my right side bar of the blog. 
I decided I wanted to quilt close lines with matching thread in each of the pieces.  I started out with dark rose thread and quilted all of the pieces of that color, then went to a green with a hint of blue and did all of those, then orange, and finally light pink.  I have a long way to go on this one.  I quilted for 2.5 hours while I watched TV and am about 1/4 of the way done.

Starting a new idea………..

Did anyone have a bet on how long it would be before I started a new project?  I had to squeeze one in.  I pressed a whole stack of orange batiks to get them ready to cut about a week ago.  I couldn’t wait any longer so I cut 2.5″ strips and I’m starting my orange quilt.  I want to do a series of one color quilts and did the yellow one a couple years ago.  This one will be 16 patches and a few plain squares from one of the larger patterned batiks.  I also cut some 1.5″ strips so there may be a few mini 16 patches thrown in too.  The design will develop as I work on it.
While I’m at it I cut a second strip to cut squares and rectangles for my trays.  This is the first group of 16 that I cut.  I laid them out like a colorwash and like it so well I might have to sew a couple blocks like this.

>Snow day………


I felt like I had a snow day, a free day, to do whatever I wanted to do yesterday.  Even though I really had to leave the house once, I treated the rest of the day as free without guilt.
So what did I do?  I have wanted to cut my blue fabrics for quite awhile but never could find the length of time I needed to accomplish it.  Another thing cancelled for Wednesday so I knew I had 3 free days to tackle this.  I started with my batiks and cut 6.5″ squares, 2.5″ strips and 4.5″ strips.
This is the variety I have cut so far.  I have cut up 19.5 yards.

This is the group I will start with tomorrow morning.
I had previously cut 68 purple batiks into squares and I will work on turquoise and green next.  Then I will start with the non-batiks.
I want to make several quilts out of just 6.5″ squares, or maybe I will add a few 9 patches or sawtooth stars in for a little interest.
I made this yellow quilt in 2009 and intended to make more like it in lots of other individual colors so I’m finally getting around to doing it.
It is a celebration of the fabrics more than anything else; no intricate pattern, just relaxing and fun.