A social day……..

I finally finished knitting this scarf while watching the last episodes of “the Mentalist” last night.  My daughter sent me the corn and cotton blend yarn for Christmas.  I still need to block it and right now it is about 66″ long.  I haven’t blocked any knitting for years so I don’t remember if it will lose length when the width gets pulled into shape.  

My 2 friends came over to sew yesterday and while not talking and laughing (lots of laughing) I pieced the backing for my blue batik 16 patch quilt and got it loaded on the longarm.  Maybe I’ll actually have a finish this month.

A couple nights ago I quilted this table runner with 12wt. variegated thread.  It isn’t quite as wonky in shape as it looks here.  The photographer (me) was not holding the camera straight over it.  I have to choose binding now and I’m thinking probably red or orange and dotted since all of the fabrics have dots.


No star block for Monday………..

Yesterday was the day to take the gifts to our church sewing circle for packing.  They will be blessed next Sunday and then delivered in time for the Christmas party next week.  I had a little time in the morning to sit and sew these 8 blocks together for a table runner before I left.

The roads were pretty clean but the temperature was only in the teens yesterday.  It was down to 0 by the time I went to bed.  More snow is predicted Wednesday so I rescheduled my eye appointment in Chicago to January.  Wednesday is supposed to be the coldest day this week and there in no sense in risking my son’s and my life for a 3 month check up.  The black ice on the roads in these conditions is the worst problem.  Now we just have to hope for good weather in the middle of January.

On the way home I stopped at Michael’s and bought four of the square boxes for my shelf unit.  They were on sale for $5.39.  I have already filled them with my ‘less than quarter yard’ pieces of batiks. 

I did three more errands on the way home and hopefully will be able to stay home the rest of the really cold days this week.

Table runner #3……

I’m auditioning this fabric for the binding on table runner #3.
I’m checking it with the backing fabric too. 
I think it worked pretty well.
A little bit of all three. 
There is a free log cabin ebook available for download here.  It was done by Fons and Porter and it has a good variety of quilt examples as well as charts for how many and what size to cut the logs.  I think I will be referring to it for the cut sizes instead of figuring them out myself.  It covers the traditional block, courthouse steps and the chevron versions.  It is a PDF file to download to your computer.  I have a bunch of pieces leftover from my last batik log cabin quilt so I may add some Kaffe fabrics and make another quilt or maybe a table runner and some mug rugs.  I love log cabin!


I meant to take photos of the backs of the table runners for yesterday’s post but forgot.
I was looking for a good green for the binding on this one and found one with both blue and green that looks really nice with it.
I also got the borders sewn onto the random plank quilt.  I put 7″ borders on the sides and 5″ borders on the 2 ends.  Actually I may trim down the end borders to 4 or 4.5″ because it doesn’t need to be this long.  Before quilting it is 78″ x 106″ the way it is.  It will probably shrink at least 2-3″ with quilting.

Table runners…….

I decided it was time to get the 3 batik table runners quilted.  I did this one with a 50 wt. variegated cotton thread.
The thread went from light turquoise to medium turquoise so it barely looks variegated here.
I haven’t decided on a binding on this one yet but I’m leaning toward a green.
On this one I used a 12 wt. variegated thread that had several colors in it and I like it better than the first table runner.

One decision made……

I took the 6 least favorite blocks of the 22 and sewed the top of one table runner.  I may add a strip of fabric at each end to make it a little longer.  I want to test the 12 weight thread on this one and make sure it isn’t too heavy for the batik fabrics.
This is the spool I chose to use.
I know that the labels come off the ends of these spools so I mark the number with a fine point permanent marker.  That way if I run out of one I know what color to buy.  I went back and added -12 to the labels too since I have some of the 30 wt. also and could get them mixed up.
When I came home yesterday I noticed several trees up the block were turning color too.  The leaves are starting to drop so it is time to get the photos taken.
This is the view looking at my back yard neighbor’s house.  I may have to go over on that block and see the yellow tree that is at the right edge of the picture.