July recap….

I only had one total finish for July.  I have 2 so close, quilted but no binding yet so I’ll have 2 for sure for August.

I completed three tops, all of the circles appliqued on the spin blocks and then sewn together into two tops.  They are 40.5″ square.  The little colorwash is 19.25″ square.  Hopefully they will be finishes for August too.

Hand appliqueing the circles wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be so I shouldn’t have procrastinated for so many months.  The fabric for the circles is cotton woven in one direction (green) and metallic thread (red) woven the other direction.  The edges pressed under really crisply.


In the mail……….

On June 20 a comment was left by Jo from the UK (JOZART blog) that she found my blog through the British Patchwork and Quilting magazine’s Blog of the Month article.  I emailed her and asked if she could take a photo of the article and send it to me.  She not only did that but also sent me the actual magazine!!  Thanks Jo!!

On the sewing front, I got all 9 centers appliqued on the second set of 9 blocks.  I hope to get this one sewn together today and then I can baste both wallhangings.

I spied this butterfly outside my kitchen window.  It visited almost every coneflower in my back yard.

Ready to sew…….

I have had the circles appliqued on these blocks for over a week but hadn’t checked my photo and put them back on the design wall to prepare for sewing it together.  I will sew it today and then start appliqueing the circles on the other 9 blocks.

 I have tamed the back yard jungle a lot this year.  There are still weeds but they are short ones at this point.  I have been mowing around the bird feeders and mowed a path to my neighbor’s yard.  It is a natural bird sanctuary, not a formal garden by any means.  I’m just happy we have had so much rain this year and everything is staying green.

Sewing centers…..

I am finally appliqueing the centers on the Spin blocks.  I was going to do them by machine with monofilament thread and the pick stitch but I decided if it got off center by even a tiny bit, that wouldn’t be fun to rip out.  I started hand appliqueing and don’t like the thread color on the first one so I’ll pull that out.  I did 2 more with a better match of thread color.  Two down and 16 to go.

 I was a winner on Vicki Welsh‘s week of giveaways and I won the art glass soap dish and a bar of her handmade soap.

I just love them!!


Remember these blocks?  I am going to end up making two wallhangings and there are more blocks left over for a third project.  I have been dragging my feet on getting the center circles made and ready for appliqueing.  Two friends came over to sew yesterday so it was a perfect day to tackle it.

The fabric is green cotton woven one direction and red metallic in the other direction.  They are turned 2 different directions here.

It will be a challenge to get them all turned the same way on the wallhangings.

I have two circles left to prepare.