Last blocks in place……..

All of the blocks are on the design wall now and I think this is the final arrangement.  Sashing is being cut.  At this point I’m thinking a small border of the same fabric as the sashing and a big floral print for the border.  The one in the book has a border but it is a small print.

Last 2 blocks…….

I feel like I am working in slow motion on this quilt.  This is the last of the half blocks for it and I got them sewn after I took this photo. Last night I also basted another small colorwash piece.

Church sewing circle was yesterday afternoon and we made red and green felt Christmas stockings for the kids at the shelter that we help support.  

After my haircut this morning I need to cut sashing for the quilt in progress and decide on fabric for cornerstones.  It sounds like we will get rain from the remnants of hurricane Patricia.


Almost done…….

I put the block that was folded in quarters up on the design wall so I knew how to design the corner quarter blocks.

I also made 3 more half blocks and put them all up on the design wall.  I need to cut more squares before I can design the last two half blocks.  Then I have to start sewing sashing onto the blocks.

Starting to fill in………

I sewed the other three half blocks together and placed them on the design wall.  I won’t know the placement for sure until I have made the other five that I need.  I folded one of the leftover blocks to look like a quarter block in the bottom right corner.  I haven’t decided whether I should trim the points off the half blocks now or wait until after quilting.  I’m leaning toward waiting.

I was thinking about doing another 2 day colorwash workshop at my house (Sandwich IL) the first week of November and wondered if there is anyone interested.  If so email me here.  Last time a few no reply people left a comment instead of emailing me directly and I had no way to get back to them.  (If the link above doesn’t work for you, there is an email link on the right sidebar).  Click here to see the students’ work from the class in July.

Old and new…….

One of my friends and I bought the Farm Girl Vintage book at the quilt show we went to a couple weeks ago.  We decided we would do 2 blocks each time we get together and we alternate who chooses the blocks.  I chose the first 2 blocks and my blocks are on the left, my friend’s on the right.

Later in the afternoon I started designing half blocks for my other quilt.  I started with the one on point and realized I needed to do them straight.  It is a lot harder to design a half block than a whole one.

Two substitute blocks…………

I sewed the two new blocks and removed two and put the new ones in.  I think I need to rearrange the blocks again.  My two friends are coming over today so they can give me the approval when I finally have a good arrangement.

Here are the two that came out.  They were too cold looking with all of the other warmer colors.  I can possible still use them for half blocks or the quarter block corners.

Binding started………….

I got the binding sewn onto the the batik 16 patch quilt and have 1/4 of the hand sewing done.

I designed 2 new blocks to replace 2 that I don’t like very much.  Now I need to work on the half blocks and quarter blocks so I can finish this one.

I took my daylight photo of Many Moons but I think I prefer the one I showed yesterday which shows how rich the colors really are.  The lavender walls are pale in the daytime, deeper toned at night too.

1/3 of the people who left comments yesterday were NO REPLY commenters.  If you didn’t hear back from me yesterday, you are one of them.  You can fix that by enabling your email address in your Blogger (Google) profile.

Not much to show………..

I ran errands in the morning, loaded the backing and batting last night. A neighbor was helping me clean out lots of plants and I saved 2 Sedums for replanting so I got them back in the ground yesterday afternoon.

I cut some of the new fabrics for another square clamshell block.  I will replace at least one of the 18 blocks, maybe 2 or 3. 

I listed some batik fabrics for sale on my Wandaful blog shop.

Busy Friday………..

My little great grandson was visiting yesterday morning.  He lives 3 states away now so I don’t get to see him very often.

When he left the boiler repairman came to change a part on my boiler.  He left about 12:30.  I worked on cleaning up the basement for the art quilters while he was here.

Later in the afternoon I mowed the lawn and I hope it is the last time of the season.  We haven’t had any rain for awhile and nights are quite cool so the grass isn’t growing much.

Last night I played with the arrangement of these blocks.  If you missed the beginning of this quilt here is the post about it.  I haven’t decided if I need to make any replacement blocks yet.  I still need to make half blocks and quarter blocks to fill in the edges.  The blocks are about 19.25″ diagonally and the sashing will be 1″ finished.  This might end up about 63″ x 82″.  Today is a family reunion, the first one with all of my dad’s generation gone.  His last cousin passed away about a month ago.