Borders, won fabric…………

The chicken and egg fabric won in the end.  I decided not to put the narrow black border first.  It would just be a lint catcher on a tablecloth and the background of the border print separates nicely from the pieced center.  Most of the border will be hanging over the table edge.

I received the fabric that I won in a giveaway and I think they go well with the Hunter Star blocks so I’ll be making four more blocks.  They are just a little more green/turquoise so they will help balance out the 4 that are already in that shade.  Most of the others are more blue/turquoise.

This photo is for the noreply person who inquired about the brand name on this fabric.  I purchased it on sale in August 2012 so it is probably not available any more.  Most of my fabrics age on the shelf for awhile before I use them.  This one will age a little longer since I didn’t choose it for the border.


10 thoughts on “Borders, won fabric…………

  1. My first thought was the “other” border fabric…then I thought, no! it needs to be happy and fun and not so “serious”…The unchosen fabric will enhance another project and the chickens will have fun in your kitchen! Looks great!

  2. What a fun table cloth for your kitchen. I'm sure you loved it when you found that fun piece to companion with it.

    Anxious to see those new fabrics for Hunter Star. They are beautiful.


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