Really a finish this time…….

Zinnia Garden is finished.  It is 55″ x 73″ right now.  I want to wash it to soften it so it will probably end up a couple inches smaller.  I want to wash the smaller quilt, English Flower Garden, at the same time. 

I used two different threads for the edge finish on these two mini quilts.  The one on the right is the same color thread that I used for quilting on both of them.  The one on the left is a little darker and I think I like it best.


In the mail…………

I was chatting via email with Cathi from the blog Quilt Obsession and mentioned that I had an antique doll bed.  She loves making miniature quilts all pieced by hand.  Check out this post where she shows the blocks with a ruler to show how small they are.  Also she shows the backing fabric and the block she used for the label.   On this post while the quilt was in progress, she shows the wrong side of the patchwork so you can see how neat the pressing is.  I am so happy to be the recipient of this wonderful quilt.  I would never have the patience to make blocks that small.
Usually the peonies start blooming before Memorial Day and some years they are all done by then.  I only had one flower this year by Monday but yesterday 2 bushes were in bloom.  My lilacs are the late variety and they are in bloom too.  The backyard smells heavenly.  It almost makes mowing the grass a pleasure.  I even enjoyed pulling weeds while enjoying the fragrance.

Mini quits finished!…..

I finished all of the little mini quilts yesterday.   
I put a layer of heavy interfacing in them behind the batting.  It gives them more body to hang nicely on the wall.  It is lighter weight than Timtex or Peltex and stiffer than fleece.
Then I place all of those layers on top of the backing, stitch around it with a straight stitch, trim, machine quilt and finish the edge with a satin stitch.
I am keeping this one for myself since I gifted the original one that I made last year.
I chose the blues and a couple turquoises to go in the colorwash kits.
The coleus is changing colors from being in the hot sun.  Today I will bring all of the pots into the garage and keep them there for a few days.  We’re in for a hot spell again.

Almost done….

Here is the sequence from start to finish:

I should have taken one more photo between steps one and two. Hindsight is so great, isn’t it?  I can see a few pieces that need to be changed now that I see them on the monitor.  I trimmed 3 of them last night and then called it a day.

Playing with tiny pieces…….

Someone on a blog asked how tiny of pieces do you keep.  Most of the pieces on the little mini quilts that I make are 1″ square or less.  I only save batiks that small because they don’t ravel as easily or as fast as regular quilting cottons.  Most everything in the bag of scraps is considered too small to sew so I just layer them overlapped slightly on fusible batting and then the quilting will hold them in place.  I expect them to ravel some as they age.  I’m not a fan of using tulle over the top to hold them down.  I prefer the textured look of the raw edges on my little pieces of art.