2011 Journal Quilt 17

I was inspired by the color palette offered by 3 Creative Studios.  I made some strip pieced patchwork from my crooked strips and then did a little bargello for my journal quilt.
I used some of the leftover piecing for the back of it.

>2011 Journal Quilt 15


I hope no one was expecting a white background behind those flowers, LOL!!!  You know me, busy quilts.  I made 2 more flowers from the little strips and tacked the center in place on all 5 with a bartack on the sewing machine.  I knew I was going to put buttons on as centers so it would be covered up.

I thought about tacking down the ends but decided I really liked the floating pieces.  As I said in yesterday’s post, one edge of the tiny strips is selvage so they aren’t going to ravel much.

I only wanted minimal quilting so I followed the edge of some of the squares in the printed background.

>2011 Journal Quilt 13


This journal quilt is my humble piece.  I had never made a Chinese Coins quilt and had these little pieces of Kaffe fabric to use.  The trouble is the coins in the right column are heavy and they are tilting the bank.  Oh well, it is done.  I may go back and add more quilting and maybe some coins to take the attention off the tilt.

>2011 Journal Quilt 12


After using all of the skinny strips on the #11 Journal Quilt, I then picked up all of the squarish pieces and started in the center with light ones and progressed out in values to dark at the edges.  The base is fusible batting so every piece is partially attached and the rest is floating free.  I started at the outside edge with the quilting and made a square cornered spiral hoping it would still be fairly straight when I got to the center.

You can see the loose edges in this photo.  So now I am caught up with one a week for the Journal Quilts.  I was afraid my creative well had run dry but I shouldn’t have doubted myself.  I made both #11 and # 12 late in the day yesterday after rearranging my studio.

>I met my deadline……….


The piece I showed yesterday (on left) is my inspiration for this Journal Quilt # 11.  I rounded up some more of the skinny strips and made ‘fabric’ with them.
It may remind you of my ‘second favorite’ quilt on my right sidebar.

I made sure I won’t continue with this madness of using teeny strips when I have so much yardage to use.  I sent all of the rest of the strips to a friend in California.

>2011 Journal Quilt 9


In one of the drawers was a little plastic bag of paper pieced squares.  I knew they were made at least 15 years ago.  In the early to mid 1990’s everyone was collecting show pins, guild pins, anything quilt related pins.  There was a pattern for a vest that you could make with squares to put all of the pins on and wear them to a quilt show or guild meeting.  I’m not sure if this block was meant for a vest or a wall hanging, but I never finished making the blocks.  Fortunately I had just enough to cover my 8.5″ x 11″ Journal Quilt.

I still have a little pile of the papers to piece on, but they will probably get turned over and be used for scratch paper now.