Something new……..

This is the first set of 12 Kaffe 16 patch blocks that I made.  I am using 3″ strips so I’m only getting one block out of 2 strips sewn together but I also get 2 four patches.  I might try some double 4 patch blocks with these.

The next 8 blocks haven’t been pressed yet.

I’m also contemplating alternating them with a large print but probably not this print.  My first set of blocks are predominantly blue and green and high contrast between the 2 fabrics.  I will have a lot more low contrast blocks as I continue.

Last night I went to see “The Imitation Game” at our local theater.  I was a very small child at the time of WWII and my parents didn’t talk about the war so as I see movies about it I realize how devastating it was.   History class in high school in the 1950s didn’t prepare me for the destruction shown in the movies either. This movie is based on a true story; a rather amazing story.

Borders, won fabric…………

The chicken and egg fabric won in the end.  I decided not to put the narrow black border first.  It would just be a lint catcher on a tablecloth and the background of the border print separates nicely from the pieced center.  Most of the border will be hanging over the table edge.

I received the fabric that I won in a giveaway and I think they go well with the Hunter Star blocks so I’ll be making four more blocks.  They are just a little more green/turquoise so they will help balance out the 4 that are already in that shade.  Most of the others are more blue/turquoise.

This photo is for the noreply person who inquired about the brand name on this fabric.  I purchased it on sale in August 2012 so it is probably not available any more.  Most of my fabrics age on the shelf for awhile before I use them.  This one will age a little longer since I didn’t choose it for the border.

Prep work…….

This is the quilt I have been working on at the twice monthly sewing group.  Because of limited table space I am doing the construction in three pieces.  The top piece is all sewn together.  The second piece is connected by thread in the vertical seams.

The third section also has vertical seams sewn and I have pressed all of the seams in both sections 2 and 3.  I will probably save the cross seams for our next sewing day.  This is all 4.5″ squares cut from the scraps of several of the flannel quilts that I made last year.  It should end up about 56″ x 76″.

Blue sky…….

We had a full day of sunshine after the blizzard.  This is looking out my window toward my backyard neighbors’ house.  My bird feeder still has a beehive hairdo.  I spent time shoveling the porch, sidewalk, and part of the driveway yesterday.  The snowplow guy packs the snow down as he drives over it while plowing and those tracks are icy.  The sunshine helped the ice melter to work even though it was only 10 degrees for much of the day.  Since my driveway is 3 cars wide and 3 cars long, it is not a small task.  I didn’t do any sewing, just did sorting and planning.

January recap…..and snow….

January was a good month.  My original goal was 12 finishes because I had 52 quilt tops on January 1 and that would get me down to 40 tops.  I’m happy with the 10 that I did though.  I purposely chose a lot of the smaller pieces to finish.  The colorwashes are 19″ – 28″.  The largest 2 quilts are in the 62″ x 76″ range, and one 50″ x 70″.  Two others were baby quilt size and one large wallhanging.

In February I want to have at least 4 finishes and I know I will make close to 4 new tops.  I will hopefully finish the Hunter Star top and at least 2 TAW tops.

We got 14″ of snow from 9 p.m. Sat. night until 9 p.m. last night. It continued to snow after 9 and the wind was blowing and drifting the snow.  This photo was taken through my kitchen window.  These branches are usually up even with the gutters on my house.  The wet heavy snow piled up on everything and branches were bent to the max.

This is the forsythia bush by my other kitchen window.  If you look closely you will see little birds taking refuge in the branches.  I’m glad I filled the bird feeders Saturday afternoon.

I shoveled the sidewalk and porch 3 times and got to try out my Yaktrax.  Hopefully I’ll never slip and fall again.

Finish #10 for January…..and a TAW fabric lesson……..

The fifth and final Wonky wallhanging was finished by my deadline last night.  It is the largest of the 5 finishing at 38″ across the top, 36.5″ across the bottom and 47″ tall.  I haven’t thought of a name for it.  I have one word names for the other 4.

Here it is on the left with 2 of the others from the series.  This wall is 8′ across and too small to get all 5 pieces on at one time.  This is the second one that I trimmed straight on the edges, like the top right one.  The bottom right was left wonky as were the other two.  I will make a collage with all 5 at a future date.

I have had questions about choosing fabrics for a Trip Around the World (TAW) quilt.  I have set up the fabrics 3 different ways.

In the photo above there are 4 color groups arranged with the light touching the dark of the next color in line.  This would make 4 rings in the “trip” with a bold impact.  In the second photo the same groups are placed with the dark ends of 2 colors touching which in turn will make the light ends meet.  With this arrangement there will be 2 rings in the “trip” with more of a blend.  This link will take you to a post with a quilt made with this arrangement.  Scroll down past the yellow quilt.  it is made with rust/tuquoise/rose/purple.

This third photo is all of the same fabrics dealing with value only and mixing all 4 colors together.  This is a colorwash TAW selection first showing the darks meeting and then……..

moving 1/2 of the pieces to the other end so the lights are meeting.  Since it will be sewn into a tube these 2 photos give you the best image of what the whole tube will look like.  I make most of my TAWs as a colorwash TAW, with as smooth of a blend as I can and one huge ring in the “trip”.