September recap………..

I didn’t get anything totally finished in September.  I made 3 quilt tops and started a couple more quilts.

In other items I made this tote bag.

I knitted 2 dishcloths.

I did a lot of yard and garden clean up last month.  I found the value of doing it last year so decided I would do it again this year.  

Today I’m going to a quilt show so I hope I will get some inspiration.


May 2015 recap………

I had just one complete finish for May, a 40″ wallhanging.

I completed 2 quilt tops, one 80″ x 96″ and the other 40″ x 58″.

I knitted three dish cloths.

Other than that I dug up and split hostas and shared them with 7 people.  Dug out huge weeds and cut volunteer trees and other various clean up tasks.  Mowed the grass several times.  Built a raised bed and filled it with 10 bags of topsoil and potting soil and planted tomato plants.  It’s that time of year for a little outside fun too.
Here is a larger shot of the finished quilt top.  After I finished sewing it I see a couple places I would like to move a piece but I’ll look at it for a couple days before I decide if I need to unsew.  

This one was a little trickier to sew since the seams don’t line up straight across.  I brought two rows at a time to the machine and turned the tops of the rows to the left.  I had a little plastic clip clipped onto the left edge of the top piece on odd numbered rows.  The odd number pile was placed at the left of my machine and the even number pile was placed at the right of the machine.

Then I sewed the seams of both rows, cut off the one in the back and brought it to the front for the next piece to be added.  I just had to be sure that I always added a piece from the left pile when sewing onto the strip with the plastic clip.  The right pile pieces were added to the strip without the clip.  It takes concentration.  (I only made one mistake in 20 rows.)  Then I sewed the first 2 rows together and as I finished the next set of 2 I added them to the first 2, and continued on until I had all 20 rows sewn together.

April recap……….

I will start with the finished quilts, one 40″ wallhanging and a big quilt around 78″ x 98″.  I haven’t measured it since I quilted it. 

I finished two quilt tops and sold the one on the left.  I’ll take another photo of the snowball quilt top in a few days on the wall that has better lighting.

I knitted 3 dishcloths.  Also I did a stack of preemie layette pieces for my church sewing circle project.

The bonus this month is the clean house, thanks to doing a little each day for a week before I hosted a bridal shower here.  It was a good month.

March recap………..

I didn’t get anything quilted in March.  The small TAW quilt top was started and finished in March, the flannel quilt started in February, and the Hunter Star and the large TAW were started in January and finished in March.  I could have hurried and gotten the borders on the snowball quilt too but I wanted to take my time on it so I do it right.  This month I need to go the older quilt tops hanging on hangers and quilt something.

I did start knitting dishcloths again.  I read on Yahoo news that women who knit, crochet and quilt were calmer and had less depression and lower blood pressure.  “Touching fiber” was the way they described what we do.

This bunny was standing up for the longest time but by the time I got the camera he/she was back to eating bird seed under the feeder.

February recap……and TAW progress……

I had 3 finishes for February, one from 2014, one from 2013 and the flannel top finished and quilted in February.  

 I finished 2 quilt tops which I hope to quilt in March.  My goal is to quilt at least 2 older tops and these 2 new tops this month.  I also plan to finish piecing the last blocks for both the Blazing Star which I started last year and the Hunter Star which is more recent.

This is a portion of the latest student’s quilt.  There are a lot of neat larger prints used in this one and they create a lot of interest.

I finished unpicking all of the loops for my TAW and last night sewed 4 of the top to bottom long seams.  I want to finish sewing this together today.

January recap…..and snow….

January was a good month.  My original goal was 12 finishes because I had 52 quilt tops on January 1 and that would get me down to 40 tops.  I’m happy with the 10 that I did though.  I purposely chose a lot of the smaller pieces to finish.  The colorwashes are 19″ – 28″.  The largest 2 quilts are in the 62″ x 76″ range, and one 50″ x 70″.  Two others were baby quilt size and one large wallhanging.

In February I want to have at least 4 finishes and I know I will make close to 4 new tops.  I will hopefully finish the Hunter Star top and at least 2 TAW tops.

We got 14″ of snow from 9 p.m. Sat. night until 9 p.m. last night. It continued to snow after 9 and the wind was blowing and drifting the snow.  This photo was taken through my kitchen window.  These branches are usually up even with the gutters on my house.  The wet heavy snow piled up on everything and branches were bent to the max.

This is the forsythia bush by my other kitchen window.  If you look closely you will see little birds taking refuge in the branches.  I’m glad I filled the bird feeders Saturday afternoon.

I shoveled the sidewalk and porch 3 times and got to try out my Yaktrax.  Hopefully I’ll never slip and fall again.

Happy New Year!!! recap Dec……recap 2014……..

December recap:

I finished 2 quilts; the one on the left was started in 2010 and the one on the right started in the last few months.

I finished 6 quilt tops, all just needing borders.  The one on the top left was started over 15 years ago, 2 were made this fall, the other 3 from 3-4 years ago.

I also completed 2 dishcloths reaching my goal of an average of 4 each month or 48 yearly total.  My most productive month for them was April when I knitted 10.

 2014 recap:  I finished 22 quilts.  Fourteen were started and finished in 2014.  The oldest was from about 15 years ago, the rest from the last 4 years.  

This photo is 18 of the quilt tops that I made in 2014 and 6 from previous years that I finished by sewing on borders.  That means that I made 32 new quilt tops in 2014 counting the 14 that I quilted and finished. 

This photo shows monthly dishcloth finishes.  I only got one finished in two of the months.  I have 14 left after gifting, selling and donating the rest.

I still have close to 50 quilt tops waiting to be quilted, 18 of them new from 2014.  If I could keep myself from starting anything new (ha ha!!!) and quilted 2 a week I would have them all done by June 30.  Is that a goal?  No!  I need some fun in my life, and finishing, well……that’s not at the top of my fun list.

Happy New Year everyone!!  Be kind to yourself.  Have fun.  Stay healthy.