Cleaning off the sewing cabinet…….

Yesterday I started cleaning off the sewing machine cabinet to prepare for machine quilting and this piece was on there.  Since the raw edge strips were just pressed on the fusible batting and were starting to come loose I decided I needed to stitch it now.  Laying on the table with it is a page of photos from the last time I made something like this.  Go here to see it better.
A close up of the stitching and raw edges.
All of the strips are sewn securely in place so I can put it aside until inspiration hits.  I have no ideas right now.  The top of the cabinet is clean and I can start quilting today.

>finish #5

>I said at the beginning of last week that I wanted to finish 5 small pieces. I finished this one, #5 last night. In real life the border doesn’t seem to jump out like it does in a photograph. I am not totally happy with it, but that is the way I feel about the biggest majority of my pieces when they are first done. It will take me awhile appreciate some of them and accept them as “OK”. this one is 19″ x 23.5″. Here is a detail of my swirly spirals
and here are all 5 of the finishes together.
And here is what is really calling me, some bright pretty fabrics that haven’t been cut into yet.
I really appreciate all of the comments from yesterday’s post. There were some heart warming stories about quilts and a scarf laid on caskets. I think I will look more into the tradition in the past of casket coverings.

>Coffin cover

>I bought a new refrigerator in June, 2005. This replaced a 23 year old one that my son has in his shop and it is still running fine. The new one however has problems. Yesterday I noticed the milk was warm, but I was leaving for the afternoon and didn’t think too much about it. When I got home it was still warmer than usual so I decided to call the repair man this morning. The first question is: “Did you buy the extended warantee?”. To me that question says “You know nothing lasts anymore, of course it will break down”. Well, anyway, I’m waiting for the repairman.

Now on to the coffin cover. In 2003 a friend of mine was diagnosed with 5 brain tumors. She had radiation and the chemo pill and seemed to be doing well, and then she started having seizures. They told her the tumors were back and growing and there was nothing more they could do for her. She passed away 6 weeks later.

While she was ill I was working on this piece. I had no idea what I was making, no plan. When I sewed it together it was this long narrow shape and I said it looked like a coffin cover. I have never shaken the idea that it is the right shape to be draped over a coffin. It is kind of eerie, like why did that pop into my head? I have mixed feelings about finishing it. It is 43″ x 72″.
All of the fabrics are batiks except the setting triangle fabric.
Yippee, the repairman is here and says it is a bad fan in the freezer which is what blows the air up into the refrigerator. He has one with him and he is repairing as I type. I see spell check still isn’t working so I will come back later and check it myself.

>Small quilt finish #3

>The inspiration for this quilt is a quilt in the “Everything Flowers” book by Jean Wells. The top has been done for many years, and at first I kept looking for another border, thinking that the bright green was a first border. After awhile I decided it didn’t need another border but I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to quilt it so it stayed in the UFO box. This one is 21″ x 27″. Late last year I decided to start looking for a binding for it, hoping I would finish it then
I found this stripey Nancy Crow fabric and liked it. For quilting I stitched in the ditch in the crazy pieced roses and did diamond shaped leaves in the green areas.
I had a name for this one singing in my head while I was making it. The name comes from the song “In the Garden”. When I was in third and fourth grade in a little one room school house the teacher would play the piano and all 12 of us would sing the songs she taught us. One of our favorites that we would request was “In the Garden”. It is a Christian song by C. Austin Miles, copyrighted in 1912.

It starts out “I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses”. So the name of this one is “The dew is still on the roses”. I am trying to decide whether to be literal and add beads for dew on some of the roses, or just leave it alone.

>Finishing week

>I decided that I need to finish 5 small pieces this week. Yesterday I posted the first one. This is the second one. I first posted about this one on Oct. 31. If you click on tutorials in my LABELS list on the right side of the screen, it is the last one. I decided to put a facing on this one instead of binding. This is only the second quilt I have done that on. I did mostly straight line random quilting with matching thread and then added gold thread to quilt the crazy pieced square. After I finished the CP square I went back and added a few gold thread lines in the background too. This one is 12-13″ wide and 16.5″ tall. I was diving into the “Needs to be finished box” again and found this oldie. This is one of those things that I want out of my house, cannot figure out if anyone would buy it, don’t know where to get rid of it pieces.
The store where it hung for display sold out of all of the fabrics because so many people liked it. It is a Hidden Wells quilt made with Mary Ellen Hopkins instructions in her pamphlet. This had to be 1989 or 1990 that this one was made.
It would make a great tablecloth (60″ square) but I am tired of looking at it.
My house is filled with lots of things like this. I wish it would disappear but I don’t want it to go to a landfill or be used as a rag to clean the garage floor. I want it to go to someone who could love it.

>What’s new?

>What’s new around here? Another 3″ of wet snow from a thunderstorm last night. And…they are predicting another storm Tues. night.

The only thing new about the quilt below is that it is DONE! Since it is only about 18″ square I just ditch quilted with the teal/green thread around everything.
Detail of binding. I chose a binding fabric with the same colors that was halfway between the dotted teal and the black/teal in value. That way it became part of the design rather than a plain black that simply said binding.
The one below is nothing special. It was made to show how to use 2 little paper pieced orphan blocks and it never got quilted. It has been on the shelf for at least 10 years so I finally decided to quilt it and use it as the placemat it is supposed to be.

>Workshop, day 2

>On the second day of the David Walker workshop I started another piece. This was done in the same way with 4 layered fabrics. This shows some of the trimmed seams and the braid, slubby yarn, and sparkly thread that were couched over the stitching lines. I didn’t have enough of the silver and black braid in the picture above to put around the center motif so I twisted 2 sparkly threads, black and silver, together and sewed a double row of them in place. From a distance it isn’t too noticable that they aren’t all the same.