Too clean………..

When I walked downstairs after the art quilters left, it was TOO clean!!  I’m going to have to mess it up, make it look like a working studio.  OK, it will be easy…..
Even though it was predicted to have a big temperature drop during the day it stayed at 33 and sunshine the whole time the group was here.  Then last night the snow started and it was down to 16 by 11 p.m.

I have finally finished the binding on this quilt started around 1998.  It is my favorite of all of the trip around the world quilts that I have ever made.  I have to say that it is one of my favorite quilt patterns to choose fabrics for.  I think I have probably made about 20 of them over the years with all of the ones I started to demonstrate the work in progress for my classes.  I made a king size in multicolor batik and sold the top in Houston when I worked at a booth in 1996.  I think I would like to do one in all batik again (but not king size!).

Last night while watching TV I finished one dishcloth and started two more.  I almost always have 2 on the needles at the same time.  If I had 3 pairs of that size needles I would probably have 3 going at the same time.  Variety is the spice of life.


>Mother’s Day gift…………..


One of my gifts was a new top for the pool table, sturdier than the piece of blue foam board that used to top it (supported by stacks of books in the well of the table).  I told my son I would like a piece of good quality plywood with a finish on it.  He went one step further and put strips around it to make it more sturdy.  Now I have a firm surface to cut on that looks like a piece of fine furniture!  Without replacing the rubber the table isn’t usable as a pool table so I am guilt free using it for cutting.

I have added my ruler rack to the end and moved the mat in so I have some space to the left to support the fabric that I’m working with.

The redbuds are in full bloom now but this photo was taken at dusk yesterday and doesn’t show the beautiful color.  I’ll have to take another photo today.