Spinning blocks and numbering system………

Isn’t this the most wonderful block?  I must say it is my favorite one so far.  I still haven’t decided on the center circle fabric.

I put all of the blocks up on the design wall in no particular order.

I know I want to make at least one 9 block wallhanging and wondered what it would look like if it was all the lightest blocks.

Here are all of the dark blocks so far.

 Several people asked what I meant yesterday when I said I had all of the Philip Jacobs fabrics in number order.  Maybe this will explain it better.  Westminster designers number all of their fabrics and add a few new prints to the line twice a year.

That is how I know that I have every Kaffe Fassett fabric except one.  He is up above 100 now with his numbering.

>Multi-tasking day.
I delivered the kits to the store and they all sold so that is about 9.5 yards out of my stash. J~MT asked if I would have any kits like the bright one for sale in my blog shop. I have been contemplated cutting 2.5″ strips from my older batiks which will never be available again and selling them as kits, like the bali pops groups. I hope somebody will be interested in purchasing them.
I had a wide variety of things that needed to be done yesterday. One of them was choosing backs for the pile of quilts and batting that I showed in the middle of my nature blog the other day. Two of them are the above fabrics and I cut the selvages off while cutting the right shape backing.

I mowed part of my lawn with my reel mower (no motor, just my power). I think I will get some more mowed today. My neighbor mows my grass for me but he hadn’t gotten to it yet and I really need the exercise. I have a hard time getting motivated to just walk around town so this way I have a purpose for the walk while mowing the grass. I hope I can stay motivated to keep it up after it gets hot in the summer.

>December Journal Quilt

>I decided that my first attempt at making a selvage quilt would be for my December Journal page, which is dedicated to trying something new. I used a black and white variegated quilting thread for the satin stitch edge. If you haven’t visited the selvage blog yet, click here and check it out.

In case you think I ran out of dotted fabrics when I made those bags this past week, here is the bin of what I have left. Yes, that is a big bin, what they used to call blanket boxes. Now they are specified by the gallon.

It is supposed to snow by 3 this afternoon, an accumulating fluffy mess, so they predict.

>The weather man was right

>for a change. Why couldn’t he have been wrong this time. It is 5 degrees with a 20 mph wind right now. There is an ice coating that started around 11 p.m. last night and then a light snow over the top. I’m going to cancel my dad’s dr. appt. this morning.

Meanwhile, last night I decided to start playing with my selvages. Some people like only the white selvage to show where others like some of the fabric to show to. I’m just experimenting at this point.

I really need more variety if I am going to do a very large project so I will just do a couple small things right now.

On Saturday night I also got the binding on this small quilt (about 42″ square), also all by machine. I sewed it on the top and then flipped the binding under and stitched in the ditch on the right side next to the binding to catch the flap on the back side. The center of this quilt was a sample of one of the packs of Trip Around the World fabrics that we used to choose and bundle at the last quilt shop I worked at.

I’m not sure what it’s use will be. It isn’t really baby colors, it is too small to cuddle under. I think maybe it would be a nice piece to drape over a table.