Better photo………

I tried for a better photo of the snowball quilt top after it had the borders sewn on.  The reds look a little too bright on my monitor.  As usual, it is prettier in person than in a photo.  I cut the borders on the lengthwise grain and have matching borders on opposing sides.  In 2 yards of fabric there were only 2 repeats across the fabric so all 4 borders couldn’t be the same.  I have 2 narrow strips and one wider strip leftover that I can cut up for other projects.  

The cookies are baked and the art quilters are coming today. 


Winter wonderland…………

We got 3″ of snow and the temperature struggled to reach 30 degrees so church sewing circle was cancelled.  We didn’t have any deadline projects so it didn’t make sense to go out in this.

That gave me a chance to work on the snowball quilt.  I got the borders around the center square and sewed the side sections on it and then the top 3 row section.  I put it back up on the wall and looked at it and decided I didn’t like the bottom strip on the center square and started looking for replacements.  That took a couple hours to come up with the one I finally used.  I unpicked the one I didn’t like, sewed in the new one and then sewed on the bottom 5 row section.  I ordered 2 yards of the border fabric so I can’t do any more until that comes.

Fruit basket fabric……..

The fruit basket fabric arrived yesterday and it matches the colors in the quilt even better than I thought it would.  I bought it from and their site has pretty true colors.  You can also enlarge the thumbnail to see more of each print.  I was really happy to find this in the Specials section at a great price.  I got the 4 sections sewn together and now need to work on the inner border around the focus fabric.

Progress on snowballs……..

I called a committee meeting….well it was really my two sewing buddies that came over….and I got some good opinions on my project.  This center fabric looks way better with it in person than in a photo and is the same print as the beige one a couple days ago on my blog.  The other fruit basket fabric should come in the mail today so I can still audition it.

I have sewn the top 3 rows together, took out some dark snowball blocks and put in 6 lighter ones.  The fabric to the right is a possible border fabric.  It is the new “Dream” Kaffe print in colorway gray.  We chose the color for the outer border of the insert and I have ideas for the inner border of the insert.  Today I will sew the bottom 5 rows together and the 2 nine block sections on either side of the insert.

More decisions………..

In a couple of Kaffe’s books he inserted a center square or rectangle of either a large print fabric or an applique.  I thought I would play around with that idea.  If you go back to this post and click twice on the photo of the book pages, the top book shows one of them.  I have this print in 5 colors but thought the green background might be best.  The orange background might be nice too.

This is one of Phil Jacobs newer prints of a basket of fruit.  I just ordered a piece of it in more multicolor which I think might be better.

Now I have finished filling in the bottom row of the previous photos and added one more row below that.  I have this print with pink and rust backgrounds too and haven’t tried them yet.

There would be one or two borders around the panel to make it fit.  I also have the option of putting the bottom row at the top so the panel would be centered instead of where it is.

This is so much prettier in real life.  With both red and green in it, the camera has a hard time getting it right.

Warm day……..

I did more cutting yesterday morning and by afternoon it was 72 degrees so I went outside to do some yard clean up.  The weatherman last night said we won’t get another day that warm until the end of April.  It will be in the 40s today.  This is spring in Illinois.

Last night I got corners sewn on 16 more snowball blocks and now I need to move all of the blocks to a different design wall, the one with the best lighting for photographs.

Cutting more pieces……….

I’m cutting for three quilts at the same time.  These two shapes needed the same width strip for the die cutter.  The third quilt which I haven’t shown yet takes a different size strip.

I pressed the seams of the triangles and placed all of the blocks on the design wall.  This is a shot of the center of the group of 67 blocks that I have sewn so far.  Two friends are coming over today so I’ll continue cutting hexagons.  I don’t have any idea what size quilt this will be when finished.