Ditch quilting……..

I did errands on the way home from church yesterday and didn’t get lunch until 2 p.m.  Then I went out and cut down the Canna plants and dug up the bulbs.  It gets too cold here to leave them in the ground.  Last night I ditch quilted the colorwash wallhanging.  I used Invisifil thread, something like clear polyester only in colors.  I will choose a binding today and baste the next colorwash.

Speaking of colorwash, someone (a no reply commenter) asked if I couldn’t do the class as an online class.  The answer is no.  It isn’t a place this color here and that color there type project.  It is an original design by each person and they need consultation all through the project.  Photos don’t show the values like seeing them with the naked eye so emails back and forth with photos really doesn’t give a true evaluation.  I hope I will be able to continue teaching but I’m 3/4 of a century old and so far my eyesight is holding up.  I wish more of you lived closer so you could come to a 2 day workshop with me here in Sandwich IL. (Still trying for the first week in November).



This colorwash was small enough to baste on my cutting table.  I chose backings for all three small colorwash pieces yesterday.

This fabric on the back was too large of a print to cut for the squares so it is perfect as a backing fabric.

Last call: is there anyone else interested in a 2 day colorwash class at my home (Sandwich IL) in the first week of November?  I’m trying to get one more in before the bad weather starts.  If you are interested email me here.  If for any reason the link doesn’t work please leave your email in a comment so I can get back to you.  Click here to see students’ work from the July class.

Colorwash sewn…………….

I think the hot humid weather is getting to me.  I could not get up any ambition to do anything yesterday.  I did press this little piece but that was all.  This is about 22″ x 26″ so it is pretty little.  After a lot more cutting I hope to make one about 4 times this size (about 44″ x 52″).


I just had to go down to the basement and work on this piece first thing yesterday morning.

After a few hours I had it all filled in and it was ready for tweaking.  I’m not happy with the dark streak through the yellows or the line of the olive greens on the left.

After many trips to the basement and cutting some new yellow pieces I have the center pretty good.  I moved a few pieces in the olive greens but it still needs a little work.  It will take at least one more day of tweaking.

Here are my tomato plants after 3 weeks in the ground.  There are lots of blossoms on them now.

The bell flowers are plentiful again this year.  They have planted themselves everywhere.  More pollen for the bees to spread around.This group is in the back garden near the peonies. 

These are along the edge of my driveway.


Time to sew and design………….

It was too wet to mow the grass because of rain in the morning yesterday so I had the whole day to work on my projects.  This photo is 32 double 4 patch blocks, 4 each of 8 fabric combinations.

I continued on the batik rectangle colorwash.  I got this far by noon yesterday.

I had two afternoon sessions on it.  This was the first one.

I got this far by early evening.

New project…………

I ran errands, then came home and started this colorwash on a double design wall (7′ tall) yesterday morning.  I went out to lunch with a friend and then mowed part of my grass.  Since the grass was tall the battery in the mower stopped before I could finish in front of my house.

Later in the afternoon I mowed a second section of the grass and then came in and worked another hour on this piece.

I also found the box with more of the brown fabrics for the double 4 patch so I can cut some more 4.5″ squares and sew more blocks today.

I had planted the cannas a couple weeks ago and there were only 2 peeking out of the ground a couple days ago.  Now with all of the rain I can see all 5 coming up.  This is just one of them.

Some lilies are blooming.

This is some ordinary Verbena compared with yesterday’s photo of the Wicked Verbena.  I really like it in the pots.