>Playtime 2

>Thanks for all of the great response to “Playtime” and “Pieces and Parts Piled”. Many of my quilted pieced are started from playtime. I know you will all feel the same excitement that I do if you let yourself play. I think some people take it all too seriously and that every piece has to be a masterpiece and every piece has to be perfect. Do they really enjoy the making of those? I think every piece needs to be exciting to make no matter how it turns out.

Here are some play pieces from yesterday. Unfortunately my scraps bins are overwhelming and I need to do a major sorting again. I like all the small pieces in one bin, med, in another, and larger scraps really need to be cut down unless they are being saved as borders. I’m not sure how I will trim these down yet; I need to make a lot more before I make that decision.
A lot of people are making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) so I decided to start playing with that little size (2.5″ x 3.5″) to see if it would be fun. You can see how little they are compared to the 4″ x 6″ postcard size. They are the size of a playing card from a deck of cards.
I just put a batik fabric on the back and did the satin stitch edge.
I have a question for you: does a gourmet cook always make gourmet food, or do they play once in a while with ordinary food?