Another project…….

I didn’t pick the next border project yesterday.  I had lots of errands that filled the morning and in the afternoon I helped a friend baste a quilt on my tables.  Last night I decided to unpick the hanging sleeve on this quilt.  Here is the blog post that shows the whole quilt and some closeups.   I had this quilt hanging in a show either later that year (1990) or the next year and maybe once or twice since then.  Since the quilt is almost 25 years old and will never hang again it was time to remove the sleeve.  I can’t believe I used such small machine stitches to sew it on.  I was able to sew in a border seam from the front and catch the bottom edge of the split sleeve.  I had already removed one half when I took this photo.


7 years of posting on my blog………….

 I actually forgot that yesterday was my 7 year Blogiversary.  I started my blog on July 4, 2007.  Here are collages (over 100 quilts) starting with Nov. 2008 to present of finished quilts that I have shown on my blog.  2008 and 2009 collages only show the quilts that were quilted on my longarm.  I didn’t start doing collages at the beginning so I’m missing all of the finishes on my regular sewing machine from July 2007 to the end of 2009.  They are on the blog, just not in collages.
(Click on any photo to enlarge.)

 2008 quilted on longarm
 2009 quilted on longarm
 2010 quilted on longarm
 2010 quilted on regular machine
 2011 quilted on all machines
2012 quilted on all machines
 2013 quilted on all machines
2014 through June, quilted on all machines
For any new readers, I label each post and there is a label list on the right side bar.  I hope you enjoyed the review.

First start of 2014…..

I didn’t get this one started on New Year’s Eve like I thought I would but it was started on New Year’s Day instead.  Good grief, these blocks are big!

I had to lay out the whole block (actually 4 blocks according to the book) to make sure I had values distributed well.

Each color block is 28″ x 24″ so maybe I will just stay with the 9 colors like the book.

I need to cut the rest of the green pieces and definitely need a lot of different values as these are all too much alike.

In my effort to throw away 14 items a day, I came across this, an envelope with plastic templates and 2 hexie flowers from around 1975-77.  I was one of the first quilting teachers in my area during the revival of quilting at the bicentennial (1976).  There were very few quilt shops at that time and most just used a small corner for classes.  I made these for a demonstration of English Paper Piecing (EPP).  They are ugly, outdated, but part of the history of my teaching career.  I gave my first quilt class in 1975 and my first program and workshops for a quilt guild in 1987.  No, I didn’t throw them away.

Log cabin explanation……

On Nov. 26th I wrote this:
In a traditional log cabin block there is a red center which in this case is a dark fabric.  That means the first two strips that are added should be light, then 2 darks, 2 lights, etc. until you have the same number of logs on all sizes.  Having made about 30 log cabin quilts over the years and teaching it many times I know that you get the best layouts with the last 2 strips being dark.
Several people mentioned they wanted to know more about that and I felt I needed an example so I had to wait until I had more blocks sewn.   The main design is usually the dark fabrics.  In the layout on the left, I stopped with the last 2 strips being light.  The star is disjointed with 4 floating bow ties and a diamond in the center surrounded with a white border.  The path represented by the column on the left is also not joined at the center so it will be floating diagonals.  On the right, I ended with dark as the last 2 strips and the star is joined together and easier to read as a star.  There are other layouts in which this would be even more pronounced and I know this because when watching the students try different layouts, the ones that ended in 2 light strips had a limited number of layouts that worked.  Personal preference will prevail however so if you don’t agree with me it’s OK.

I made 2 batches of Chex mix and another batch of spritz cookies.  I intended to make the cookies pink or green but had already added the flour when I remember that.

A friend is scanning the negatives of my third and fourth grade teacher and he sent me this one.  I’m sitting down in the front row next to my little brother.  My other brother is standing at the left in the back row and my mother is the third from the left in the back row.  I don’t remember the day this was taken.  There are younger siblings of some of the kids here so it must have been a party open to families of students.  Here is a post where I’m showing the only other photo I have from this one room school.

Pinwheel blocks…..

Two friends came over to sew yesterday and I worked on a variety of things.  I made the last 8 pinwheel blocks.  This will finish around 39″ x 45″ if I don’t add a border.

I also worked on a gift for a baby shower that I will attend today and did some quilting on the African 16 patch quilt.

The two tone pink and white cactus has started blooming.  You can see several buds in the background.  I have 2 plants of this color and the other one doesn’t have any buds yet.

I was moving things around in the basement for more accessible storage for my cutting dies and I came across 5 huge binders of pages torn out of magazines in the 1970s and early 80s.  This handkerchief quilt was one of them.  It looks like they placed the ones with straight edges every other one and then overlapped the ones with fancy edges over them.


Just a little nostalgia today.  These were a couple of the pillows from my daughter’s room in the 1970s.  I made dozens of the Holly Hobbie pillows and sold them to an antique store in the Chicago suburbs.  I also did craft shows during the 1970s and 80s. 
Thanks everyone for your positive comments yesterday about my “Fractured” quilt.  I didn’t answer any comments because it was a family day, the memorial service and burying of my parents’ ashes and a long leisurely lunch with family members.  Lots of nostalgia there too.  Wonderful memories were shared by many family members at the service.  The weather was beautiful and it couldn’t have been a nicer day.

African quilt top, a little quilting……….

I finally sewed the wallhanging size African fabric top.  It is about 40″ square and I’ll probably ditch quilt both directions on this one.  More black thread in free motion would just make it darker and it doesn’t need that.

This is the group of 16 blocks that are left over.  I see the second one in the bottom row is turned wrong.  I haven’t decided whether to sew it or just save the blocks for a future project.

This is the quilt that I loaded on the longarm a few days ago.  It is the smallest one I had ready to do at about 40″ wide.  You  might recognize it from my 2 rail quilt tutorial.

I put a wild fabric on the back.

Here is another find from the hall closet.  I had found the Crazy Daisy winders before I had my garage sale in June but couldn’t find the directions.  Lo and behold I have a book for it.

This might give you a better idea of how the little tool works.  I have 2 sizes of the daisy makers.

They are used as decorations like yo-yos on a lot of the projects in the book.  I would say this is from the 1960s from the styles. Now I wonder where I put the crazy daisy makers.  I’m trying to get like things together this time around.