More diamonds……….

I cut some more diamonds last night.

This is the size of the Accuquilt Studio die.

I didn’t do a lot of rearranging diamonds, just added some in.  I’m still not sure where this is going.  I will take all of the diamonds off the wall and start over today or tomorrow.


Cutting diamonds…………

Here is one photo I forgot to put in yesterday’s post showing the contents of a drawer.

I started cutting diamonds with my die cutter.  This is the leftover of one of the smaller stratas.  I can sew those 2 ends together and cut another diamond.

And here it is.

This of course is creating a lot of leftovers too small to piece together for more diamonds.  I wish I could make my hand drop them in the wastebasket, but I can’t.

I just put the diamonds up on the design wall as I cut them.  There were a few stratas not wide enough to get a diamond with crosswise stripes so I cut them lengthwise.  I don’t know if they will stay in the project.

I’m planning on looking through my batiks and cutting some plain diamonds from them too.  I know I have one with bears and other wild animals in similar colors.  I think I have some tree batiks too.  I have no idea what I am making.  I’m hoping the blocks will tell me what they want to be.

23 blocks…….

Yesterday morning I pulled out some previously pieced groups of Kaffe fabrics.  I want to slice and insert them in some of the blocks of the strippy quilt.  Then I decided to clean off the sewing table which meant hemming the 2 pair of pants that have been laying there for a week.

You wouldn’t have noticed it yesterday but there were some blocks already in the quilt that had a pieced strip.

Now that regular fall shows are back on TV I will be sewing a lot in the evenings.  I made 23 blocks while watching Scorpion and Castle.

I also designed one more block for the other quilt.

My 2 neighbors mowed their yards yesterday so I decided that was a clue that I needed to do mine too.  It was a perfect day for outside work.

A plan……….

Thanks everyone for your kind comments yesterday.  I decided not to respond individually to everyone and just do a group thanks.

I put all of the Kaffe strip pieced blocks up on a design wall to get an idea what I’m doing.  I have used up all of the 7″ scraps which were trimmed to 6.5″ blocks when sewn.

I have a pile of 11″ strips left over from this quilt.  I was thinking about cutting them down to 7″ but then I played around with math.  The blocks I have made will finish at 6″.  If I sew the 11″ strips I can cut blocks at 10.5″ which will finish at 10″  If I made the center of the quilt with nine 10″ blocks (3 rows of 3 blocks, 30″ on a side) I can add rows of five 6″ blocks around it (also 30″).  It will take 24 six inch blocks to go around the center 10″ blocks once.  I have 37 blocks made.  So…………the plan is: make nine 10″ blocks and then cut the rest of the strips down to 7″ to make more of the smaller blocks.

A good sewing day…….

Yesterday was the twice monthly sewing day.  I took my machine and more of the Kaffe strip scraps and pieced 24 blocks.  Last night I started trimming them.

I thought they were so pretty for the tote bag and wondered if a bunch of them would be too busy as a quilt.

I worked on the lining of the tote bag (see yesterday’s post) both in the morning and after I got home from the sew in.  I had forgotten how long it takes to make tote bags.  The pocket for the water bottle is a little short for the tall bottle but would be perfect for the little 8 oz. size.  I used my favorite Martha Negley fabric for the lining, tree rings.  There is some of the same red/orange color in it.

 This was a social week, 4 days in a row being with people.  I think I’ll be a hermit today.

The first blocks………and the first peony……

I needed some instant gratification last night so I sewed the first nine 16 patch blocks.

Here is the next batch ready to sew.

I was outside most of the day yesterday so I only sewed 2 more sets of strips together.

I planted my tomato plants in the raised bed and the whole time I could smell the lilacs at the other end of the house.  They are one of the Korean varieties so they are late and not especially pretty but very fragrant.

The first peony bloomed in the 70 degree weather with the sun shining.  What a difference from 47 degrees the day before.

I also planted 6 more pots with flowers.  Oh, and I mowed the back yard and side yard.  I think I got my fresh air and exercise yesterday.


Fun sewing…………

I wore a jacket while mowing my grass yesterday.  It was 47 degrees!  I also emptied 10 bags of dirt into my raised bed in the backyard.  Then I went inside where it was warm….the furnace running in mid-May.

Last night I decided to do some strip piecing for a 16 patch quilt.  I have hundreds of 2.5″ strips of batik cut so I just chose some summery looking colors and got 20 sets sewn.  That will be 40 blocks so I need to sew more.

I inventoried my Nancy Crow fabrics.  She designed for 3 different fabric companies back in the 1990s.  I want to cut for 2 quilts at a time so I will be thinking on this for a couple days.

I bought 2 hanging baskets for my back garden.  I forget what the flowers are called but the tag said hummingbirds like them. 

It is supposed to be warmer today so maybe I can get the rest of my pots planted.