My Sept 6 visitor….

Mary has made it home from her trip so now I can post our photo.  She visited me and her husband went out to the county fair and had a good time.  You can check out her blog and see her story.  I knew she was making a Dear Jane quilt with batiks so I let her go through my pile of small pieces and we cut off a chunk of each that she liked.  We had a great time talking ‘quilt’.
She brought me some real Texas goodies.  The Texas Wildflower Honey is really good and is different from our local honey.  There is a tote bag in the bottom of the basket and a pincushion on top.  I need to take a better photo of that and post it later.
Yesterday afternoon I was carrying the pots of hostas from the front of my house to the side where I had my wheelbarrow.  I felt a spider web brush the side of my face as I set this one down.  It’s a good thing I didn’t see the spider while I was carrying it or I would have dropped it and screamed.
When I was a little kid on the farm we used to see this kind of spider in the corn fields.  Once I saw one I never went back to the field again that year.  Then I would forget about them over the winter until I saw the first one again the next year.  His zig zag part of the web is over to the right in front of a leaf.  I took the plant over to a bush with a protruding branch and scraped him off the plant and onto the branch.  It sat in the same spot on the branch for the longest time, probably in shock!  About an hour later it had disappeared.
My job yesterday afternoon was to clear an area that is in the shade and plant all of these potted hostas.  They are the ones I dug up early this spring from the area that was going to be in the sun this year.  I fit 15 of them into the spot that I cleared of volunteer trees and bushes, weeds and violets.  I still have 4 left to plant.  I gave away the ones beyond the front of the wheelbarrow to my neighbor.  She came to get some peony roots and I sent her home with 4 hostas to plant under a pine tree in addition to the peonies.
Today is a day off the hard work and I’m having lunch with a friend.  I hope I won’t be too stiff to get up after eating.  I’m not used to 3 hours of digging.


My visitors….

Betty has returned home from her trip and sent me the picture from last Monday to post.  We are from left to right, Bunny, me, and Betty at the Bull Moose Bar and Grille in Sandwich IL.  I had met Bunny at a QOV sew-in last year and she dropped off some quilts that her husband has quilted for Land of Lincoln QOV  for me to pass on to our leader.  She and Betty have been friends for years.  Betty travels to IL occasionally so we made plans to get together.  They are true kindred spirits.  They knew their quilt books and the famous quilters as well as I do so we had lots to talk about. 
They brought me fabric…….because I don’t have enough…….do we ever have enough?  Aren’t they pretty? Betty works at Jinny Beyer’s shop and she brought me some of Jinny’s new fabric line.  I love the large florals from Bunny.
I’m baking 2 batches of cookies today for the art quilters group tomorrow.  It is so nice to get up to 50 degree temperatures in the morning.  Fall is here!

Lots of things…….

I told you I had a visit from a blogging friend Saturday and here we are.  Do you recognize her?…………….Her DH was the photographer…………….

OK, we turned around………………….and it’s Julie!  She and her husband planned a visit to my house on the way home from their trip.  We had 4 delightful hours talking about fabric and quilts and tools.  It was so much fun!  Thanks Julie and DH for taking the time to come to cornfield country.  I unfolded several quilt tops while they were here so I spent some time yesterday choosing backing fabric for them.  That’s one step closer to finishing. 
I promised an update on the Streak of Lightning hand dyed blocks.  I talked to the friend I am making it for and she likes the look of the ‘hired hand’ quilts from the past.  They were long and narrow.  All of the blocks are made and now I just have to decide if the layout is done and then I can sew it together.