Playing with blocks…………

I made 5 more blue crazy pieced blocks so it was time to play on the design wall.

The color is off on this photo for some reason.  If I made them into 9 patch blocks they would be 24″ blocks.

I’m not sure the three purple blocks belong in there but I’m don’t know what I’m making yet.  These blocks will continue to be my busy work when I’m between other projects or just need to relax.  I would like to make this at least a large lap quilt so I’m not even half way there.


30 done, 6 to go……….

I made 4 blocks yesterday and added a strip to each of the other 2 crazy pieced blocks so they will be large enough to cut the melon shape out of. I may shuffle some blocks around when I get the last 6 done, but I’m pretty happy with the layout right now. I’m going to draw out a border strip to paper piece to put at the top and bottom to make this into a rectangular quilt.
My friend Rosemary is coming over today so we can baste her latest quilt, a paper pieced log cabin with 4.5″ blocks.

A day of progress…………

I am finishing up some sewing at the far end of the basement where I haven’t vacuumed yet.  I sewed the final 2 borders on this Streak of Lightning so now I can baste it and quilt it.
I had hoped to make 3 Rattlesnake blocks but I settled for 2 and some other fun piecing.
The flannel scraps were piling up and I was itching to have some fun with them.
I am so tempted to stick in a block like this.
I had an empty space so I stuck it in the layout with the rest of the blocks.  I am so tempted…..

Found blocks, more rounds on wonkies………

I was cleaning up one area in the basement and I found a bag with diamond shaped crazy pieced blocks.  When I was making this quilt I tried adding blue into it and rejected it and stayed with all green.  The blocks have been in that bag for 5 years.  How time flies!
I have added 2 more rounds to Wonky 1.  It is about 38″ x 46″.
I have added 4 more rounds to Wonky 3.  It is still small, about 28″ x 32″.
We finally got some rain last night. The heaviest storms were about 25 miles south of us.  It rained nice and gentle for over an hour.  Maybe we will have green grass again.

A giveaway…..

Yesterday was another social day with former co-workers from a quilt shop.  When I got home I got my garage ready for one more day of garage sale.  My neighbor to the north is having a sale and I found more things when I was cleaning the attic that I needed to get rid of so I’m doing it again.  It is supposed to be hot and humid too so I’ll be crabby at the end of the day.

That isn’t what you want to hear about though if you read my post title, lol!  I found these 4 blocks when I was looking through a box and I don’t want them.  They are 9.5″ square.  If you would like to win them, comment today and at 11 p.m. CST today I will draw a number and announce the winner tomorrow.

>Color palette challenge………


In addition to the Journal Quilt a week, the 3 Creative Studios also has a color palette challenge.  Click here to see the inspiration photo and palette.  My first idea was to do random length strips to create a fractured landscape.  I chose batiks with foliage and flowers.

I wished I had made the strips narrower, but it was done, so I took the left over strips and put all of the dark pieces at the bottom, again similating an abstract landscape.

Then I took the cut away strips, the ones you cut to straighten the fabric, and did crazy piecing.  I ended up with 4 blocks and was able to make 3 of them fit together.

Third try is a charm!  I like this one best.  They are all 8.5″ x 11″, the Journal Quilt size so this one qualifies as my Journal Quilt of the week (and a day early of my self imposed Friday deadline).  I don’t know what I will do with the left over crazy pieced block.  It will probably reside in the ‘parts’ bin.

>Crazy Piecing


A no reply-comment yesterday asked
The cover on the right, pseudo log cabin, is gorgeous. Have you made a quilt using this motif?

She was referring to the crazy pieced block on the quilted journal cover on this post.  Here is my answer.

Crazy piecing: something I have been doing since the early 1970’s.  It didn’t get any respect made with cotton fabrics until it got renamed ‘wonky’ and ‘liberated’.  I would try to share my passion for it with others in the 1970’s and 1980’s but the reaction was that…….well……I was crazy, just like my crazy piecing.  It was depressing to think I had to hide all of my crazy piecing and only show my ‘regular’ stuff.  During the early 1990’s when it seemed the art quilt movement was gaining speed, it was accepted more as a free way of working and was adopted by the newly inspired, previously non-sewers as more fun than traditional blocks. 

Even though some of these date back to 1974, I still own several of them so I was able to take digital photos of them.  Some of them are more recent, one is still a top waiting to be quilted.  If you want to see larger photos of any of them they are in the crazy piecing ‘page’ at the top of my right side bar.