Ditch quilting……..

I did errands on the way home from church yesterday and didn’t get lunch until 2 p.m.  Then I went out and cut down the Canna plants and dug up the bulbs.  It gets too cold here to leave them in the ground.  Last night I ditch quilted the colorwash wallhanging.  I used Invisifil thread, something like clear polyester only in colors.  I will choose a binding today and baste the next colorwash.

Speaking of colorwash, someone (a no reply commenter) asked if I couldn’t do the class as an online class.  The answer is no.  It isn’t a place this color here and that color there type project.  It is an original design by each person and they need consultation all through the project.  Photos don’t show the values like seeing them with the naked eye so emails back and forth with photos really doesn’t give a true evaluation.  I hope I will be able to continue teaching but I’m 3/4 of a century old and so far my eyesight is holding up.  I wish more of you lived closer so you could come to a 2 day workshop with me here in Sandwich IL. (Still trying for the first week in November).


Many Moons quilted………..

I wanted the quilting on “Many Moons” to look like wispy clouds floating by.

I hope it looks good hanging in my living room.  I trimmed it but haven’t cut the facing pieces yet.

I make sure there is water in the bird bath every day.  Birds are migrating through now and they need a drink and sometimes a bath.  We haven’t had rain for quite awhile so there isn’t any other source of water for them.  The robins stand there and drink for a long time and then some take a bath, some don’t.

Not much to show………..

I ran errands in the morning, loaded the backing and batting last night. A neighbor was helping me clean out lots of plants and I saved 2 Sedums for replanting so I got them back in the ground yesterday afternoon.

I cut some of the new fabrics for another square clamshell block.  I will replace at least one of the 18 blocks, maybe 2 or 3. 

I listed some batik fabrics for sale on my Wandaful blog shop.

Back to the quilting……….

I am getting back to the quilting on this little quilt. I have the pink area, red area and the white at the bottom left still needing quilting.  I started pulling out some basting threads last night too.

I went out to lunch with friends yesterday and when I got home I was looking through piles.  I had found this photo a couple weeks ago, a king size trip around the world quilt top that I sold at the Houston festival in 1996.  I was working at the Quilting Books Unlimited booth that year.  Yesterday I found a leftover loop from the strata for that quilt.  

The Pulmonaria also known as Lungwort has really taken over this section of the garden.  I love the speckled leaves.  Lily of the Valley and Violets are mixed in – nature’s plan, not mine.

I picked a small bouquet while I was out in the back yard on Wednesday.  

Today again I am going to mention this:
My blog is up for the best all around quilting blog in the National Quilters Circle Blogger Awards.  If you want to vote for my blog, go here. I will be repeating this info each day through the voting period.  If you have already voted for my blog – thank you! 


Close to finish……..

I did the last 2 rows of machine quilting on the zig zag quilt and trimmed it and pulled out the basting threads.  I probably won’t do the binding until after the bridal shower at my house on Sunday.

Last night I did a little cutting and then matched up the next batches of triangle units.

Today I will start cleaning the kitchen and baking Spritz cookies for Sunday.  I get to eat all of the reject shapes though.  

Almost done…………

I worked on cleaning the living room most of the day yesterday.  Moving 30 cactus plants took some time. I also boxed some quilts I sold from my blogshop and got them mailed.  I never made it down to the basement yesterday to cut any triangles.  Last night I did 3 more rows of quilting on this quilt and have just 2 more rows to go and it will be done.  I should be able to finish the living/dining room cleaning today.

Machine quilting………

I finished quilting the African 16 patch wallhanging and then quilted the yellow and orange sections on this wallhanging.  That is 2 out of 9 color blocks.  I have the white quilted all the way around the edge of the quilt but need to do the center area yet.

One of my baby cacti is blooming.  I never know what color they are because they are from the pieces that fall off the big plants.  Sometimes they are knocked off by squirrels when the cacti are outside for the summer.

Here is the rest of the collection of babies, with the sunlight coming through the mini blinds and making them look striped.  I don’t know what color any of these are so I hope they bloom in the fall.