>Hoffman Challenge

>Do you remember the zebra print they chose for the Hoffman Challenge in 1988 or 89? I loved the print and bought it in every color. I used polyester batting and not very much quilting back then so this is a little wobbly looking. I named it Jungle Heartbeat and it is a bargello style quilt. It didn’t win any prize but it was in one of the travelling exhibits for a year.


>Some things are meant to happen

>Back in 1994 Melody Johnson was going to give her first crazy piecing class and invited me so there would be a familiar face in the crowd. She gave each of us a pack of squares of her hand dyed fabric. Since I already had a lot of scraps ready for crazy piecing I got right into it. Half of the blocks have her hand dyed fabrics in the center, the other half have the tiny cutaways pieced together for centers.
When I finished this quilt I called it “Wanda’s Quilt” so no one else could have it. The deadline was approaching for the MAQS contest for New Quilts from an Old Favorite and the theme that year was log cabin. Ann Fahl and Melody both encouraged me to enter it but I was doubtful that it would be considered a log cabin. Ann sent me a copy of the entry blank with 2 days to spare. I already had slides so I decided to go for it. However when looking for the slides I couldn’t find a detail shot. The deadline was a day a way so I mailed it with only the full view slide.
Three days later there was a message on my answering machine from a gentleman from the Museum telling me that maybe I didn’t know it but I had only sent one slide. I called him and could not lie, told him I couldn’t find the detail shot. He told me I had 5 more days to get the other slide to them. I pulled out a tote bag that night to pack for a class. I picked it up by the bottom for some reason, and out fell the detail slide without the plastic mount. I called my photographer son and he brought over a mount and the little tool to set it. I mailed the slide the next day, and the next call said I was one of the 18 finalists in this world wide contest. I renamed the quilt “Exuberance” and wrote my article for the book, and the rest is history.