Last day of the year, working on last finish……..

This quilt has been in progress since October 2010.  There is a PDF download on the internet here for the original Kaffe pattern.  It was too narrow for me so I added more pieces as borders in April this year.  I added in a few star blocks too.

Just so I have a record of the backing too I took this photo.  The flowers don’t look like they run in rows when you are looking at it close up so I was surprised when I saw this photo.

I’m on the home stretch on the hand dyed fabric quilt.  This is the back before I was done stitching lines.  (Backing dyed by Melody Johnson about 15-20 years ago).

I finished the quilting late in the afternoon and sewed on the binding.  It is from a gradation piece that went from turquoise to blue to purple, a Vicki Welsh hand dye like the other fabrics that are in the quilt top.  The quilt isn’t quite this vivid.  The lights in my main floor studio aren’t perfect.  

I should be able to finish the binding today early enough to get a full shot of this one and to do my end of year recap to post tomorrow morning.



One done, still quilting………..

The hand stitching on the binding is done.  I’ll hang it on the design walls today and get a full shot of it.

I did lots more rows of quilting and now I need to make a decision how many more are needed so I can call it done.  I want it to stay soft so probably 2 more rows in both directions in every row, 26 lines of quilting. 

Quilting on two…….

I took the photo on the right first and the colors looked washed out.  I put the blue/gray fabric in the second photo and the yellows and pinks are truer colors.  This quilt is quite bright but you wouldn’t know it by the photo on the right.  What I was taking the photo for was to show how pretty the backing fabric looks with the front.  This one is quilted and trimmed now so I need to look for binding.

Next I chose the Superior King Tut colors for the hand dyed quilt.  I wound bobbins of the dark pink.

I put in a few rows of stitching.  Notice the colors difference in the 2 photos of this one?  In the top photo I laid a gray plastic on the edge of the quilt to focus on.  Those colors are true.  The second photo is dull in comparison.

Top and bottom borders………

I chose a fabric for the top and bottom borders of this quilt, cut them and sewed them on and also cut the binding strips from the same fabric.  I chose the backing, a 60″ wide fabric hand dyed by Melody Johnson about 15-20 years ago.  Since my only Christmas party is on the 21st I hope to do some finishing of quilts in the last 10 days of the year.  I think this will be one of them.

A break from borders………

No borders yesterday.  It was the twice monthly sewing day and I made 22 more blocks to go with the 20 I showed on Nov. 23rd.  The blocks are 8.5″ and each insert being a 1″ cut strip does not change the size of the block when it is sewn in with an accurate 1/4″ seam.  It would end up 48″ x 56″ if I don’t make any more blocks.  I’m thinking about stopping here with blocks and adding a 4″ wide strip of hand dyed fabric on the top and bottom so it will be 64″ long.

Almost all of the hand dyed fabric in this quilt was purchased from Vicki Welsh and a lot of it is from her stash packs.  I also cut one of the gradient half yards into the 8.5″ squares.

Saturday happenings…………

Since I missed the 2 Thursday sew-ins this month I decided to make some more of the blocks at home for this quilt.  This would make 2 great table runners too.  

This is what I have been reading.  The first day I thought I would read a couple chapters to just get into the story.  When I finished chapter 10 I made myself put it down.  Yes, it is a good book.  Yesterday morning I went to the car dealer for an appointment to get the lock on my driver’s side door to work.  I figured it was a computer thing but I was way off.  If was a broken part and damaged wiring, $455 and 2 1/4 hours later I had read over half of the book and was on the way home.

I have finalized my fabric collection for the new quilt.  I took out a few that were in yesterday’s photo and added a few.  Today I’ll so some cutting and start sewing.