This and that………

The crunchy ice melted off the driveway by 10:30 yesterday morning.  I figured it was better to be safe than sorry and reschedule the class.   
I rearranged the blocks on the Hunter Star and thought it might be the final layout.  Then I got an email that I had won a giveaway and I’m wondering if some of those fabrics might look good with this so I’ll wait until I get them before I sew it together.

I made new curtains for my 1953 pink bathroom.  It is a flesh pink so the curtain leans toward pale coral.  2 1/2 years procrastination, 55 minutes pressing, cutting and sewing them.

Two of last year’s Amaryllis bulbs have buds on them.  I didn’t even put them outside last summer.  They were in the garage the whole time.  I brought them in and started watering them about 6 weeks ago.  I have 3 others from last year or previous years and they are just leaves so far.

I didn’t have anything ready to sew last night so I tore papers out of these pieces.  I know you are supposed to sew the pieces together first and then tear the paper out but I have success this way.  Here is a photo of all of the blocks.  I was happy to see I had taken a picture of the whole layout since I didn’t know how any of these pieces go back up on the wall.



16 thoughts on “This and that………

  1. That is an interesting block. I love the color choices. You have the neatest fabrics. Do you leave your Amaryllis bulbs planted until the next year? I received one as a gift this year and it is done blooming but the leaves are now starting to die. I have no idea what to do with it next. Help me if you can.

  2. Pretty curtain – I had a bathroom with those pink tiles in a former house. You are right in style with a “vintage” bathroom. 🙂 The hunter star blocks are looking good.

  3. A very interesting blog today, covered many things. Yahoo on the winning of the new fabrics, my husband teases me when I enter the contests but someone has to win, right ? Love your bathroom, sure wish I had one like it.

  4. It is always fun to win something! Your pink bathroom is a hoot and looks in fantastic shape! The new curtains look great. The pink bathroom I had was in bad condition when I bought the house. It had a pink tub, toilet and sink too! It is now just a memory.

  5. The house I grew up in had a pink bathroom…. Actually it was the only bathroom for 6 people! So glad to see that last project again. I was thinking about it the other day when I was perusing JN patterns on the web.

  6. Nice pink vintage bathroom.

    You are busy busy busy. We had our shower floor tiled yesterday. It wears me out to have workmen in the house. We both took a nap when they left.

  7. Your Hunter's Star is looking lovely. I love your pink bathroom and the curtain you made is a pretty compliment. I'm so glad I saw the last little bit about taking off the papers before sewing the blocks together. I'm working on a project with twelve inch blocks and just couldn't face sewing them together with the papers on. I was really hoping I hadn't totally ruined the project. I hope to sew them today and to see that you removed your paper eased my mind. Thanks!

  8. Love your hunter star. Have one on the go but no where close to being finished. Made a list and at last count I have over 40 projects to finish. I need some of your energy. Like the pieces that you were tearing the papers off of and went and looked at the layout. It is going to be spectacular. Just found your site and started following a short while ago and just figured out how to post.

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