Diamond project……..

My two sewing friends came over yesterday so there were some decisions by “committee” on this piece.  This is at the point of the final layout but before the fill in side triangles.

I finished sewing the rows together at 11 p.m. last night.  You can interpret it to be anything you like, a shaft of light, a waterfall, a bunch of diamonds…….
It is 37.75″ x 64.5″ so what can it be used for?  A wallhanging?  A baby quilt? Or add a couple borders and make it into a couch quilt?

I planned one more block for the other in progress quilt too.

I’ll do my September recap tomorrow.  I was too tired last night to gather the photos and make a collage.


The last diamonds……….

I had some light blue strip piecing that wasn’t wide enough to cut the diamonds so I added to them.  I haven’t rearranged any diamonds yet.  My 2 friends are coming over today to sew and I thought I would do it while they are here.

The top two blocks are sewn as of last night.  I don’t think I had shown the one on the left yet.  If I make 3 more blocks this will end up square.  If I make 8 more blocks it will be rectangular.

Sorting through………..

I was tired last night and didn’t type my post and schedule it for 5 a.m. like I usually do so here it is a little later than usual. 
Yesterday I decided I needed to clean out one of these drawers.

I pieced these stratas from crooked strips back in 2008.

 and these……

and these……..

and now the drawer is empty.  I already know what I will store in there.

Tomorrow I’ll show what I’m doing with the stratas.

The asters are in full bloom now and goldenrod makes a nice accent color with it.  The asters are a little more purple than they look here.  

This is the other color asters that I have.  They planted themselves along the driveway by the bushes.  They get too tall and fall over but they are so pretty. 

A quilt top…..and some playing……….

As promised I sewed the last four seams yesterday.   Everything fit perfectly, no trimming needed.  I did a row of staystitching around the outside perimeter to keep seam ends from popping.  It is 54″ x 66″ right now.

Then I experimented with borders.  I have lots of pieces that are lengthwise grain and are leftover from either backings or from border fabric from another quilt.  What if I did a scrappy 8″ wide border?  I will be looking for more of the pieces today while I contemplate this.

5 sections…….

I sewed the quilt in 5 sections.  I will get the last 4 seams done today.  It looks like it is going to fit together OK.  I had to measure it to be sure since I could trim the center section if necessary.

One more day and this first cactus bloom will be opened.  I took this photo in low light rather than move the plant.  They don’t like to be moved once they start budding out.

I just HAD to buy this cute zebra fabric that was on sale a couple weeks ago.  They said it was oxford cloth but is more like canvas.  I think it would make a cute tote bag with black accents.

Blocks done……….

I finished all of the blocks last night.  I’ll check it several times today to see if I want to move any blocks.  I see 2 dark ones in the top row and one of those could go to the bottom row.  

This will be a nice nap size quilt…….not that anyone would be able to actually sleep under it!  In fact it might scare a few people.   

Moving the pieces…….

I needed to clear off my double wall by the best lights in the basement.  This is what has been hanging there for about 4 weeks.  I have enjoyed them all there so much I didn’t want to take them down.  That might mean I have to finish them………..

So…..last night I took them down and moved all of these blocks over there.  I need 14 blocks to finish the top row and add a row on the bottom.  I made 5 more blocks last night but haven’t pressed or trimmed them yet.  

With the change of the seasons today it is time to get organized.  I need to finish some quilts this month.