NC classes info, more mug rugs…….

While I am in Charlotte, NC for my solo show starting June 1 I will be offering 3 sessions of my color class.  They will be held at Ciel Gallery.  My class really helps you learn about  the relationship of color and value.  I would be honored to see some of you there.  Also I will be available to chat later in the afternoon after the Sat. and Thurs. classes.
The kits will have a selection similar to this photo.  I have added in fabrics that are hard to blend with others as well as prints that work well together.  I will be posting more information about my show as they start posting it on their website. If you live in that area and can spread the word about the show (that will hang for the month of June) I would be so appreciative.
I worked on some of the paperwork for the show yesterday and when I needed a break from that I made mug rugs.  This photo has the sunshine coming in the window to the right so they look really textured.
Here are 2 more I made while the sun was shining.

Preparing for class………..

I did manage to quilt 4 more stars in Sparkling Stars yesterday but a large chunk of time was spent gathering everything I need for the color class today and going to the shop to set up the classroom for 13 people.  Warm weather is supposed to be back starting today with 70s by the middle of next week.  It is too early to clean up flower beds in this area of the country most years but I think it might be safe this year. 
75 years ago today my mother and dad got married.  Mother passed away almost 3 years ago but they made it to their 72nd anniversary before she died.

>2 Diamonds……


I sliced 4 more rectangles (which makes one diamond) and then shuffled the pieces around.  I got 4 more rectangles sewn also.

All of these have been spray starched and are ready to cut.  Some have to be cut diagonally to the right and the others to the left, so I stack 2 rectangles and trim and then slice to the left, stack 2 more and trim and slice to the right.  If I keep working with 4 at a time I should always have the right number of each.

Turning Twenty Just got Better blocks in the diagonal layout.

And here they are in the diamond layout.  Compare these with the ones on this post, the other kit I chose for the quilt shop in town.  The class is on March 31 and it is filled.  We set up another class for Saturday, April 9th.

>Preparing for classes again…..


The Turning Twenty series has stayed pretty popular because it uses 20 fat quarters, and so many people have collected fat quarters over the years.  I am teaching this one at Quilter’s Heart here in Sandwich, IL so I went to the store and chose the fabric so the owner could make some kits too.

There are 2 layouts in the book “Turning Twenty Just got Better” that use the same blocks.  This is just blocks on the wall and neither has their border up there with them.  I have another group of fabric chosen which I will make a sample from too and I will end up with both layouts sewn.  The class is on the 31st of March.

I have a group interested in making this quilt too so I have a date set for it this month.  It is one of my favorites in Kaffe Fassett’s book, “Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts”.  This is one I started cutting for over a week ago and I have a lot more to cut.

I sold all of the notebooks with quilted journal covers and the bag yesterday so I won’t be listing any on my other blog.  I hope to make some more soon though.

>more class prep, last 13 rows……


Here it is!  Final 13 rows pressed and sewn on, staystitching done around the entire top.  Now I can start looking for border fabric.  It is sideways on my design wall, 2 – 48″ panels so the length right now is 96″.  I didn’t measure the width but it should be around 78″.

This is my favorite part of the top, the busy prints.  I really like the Trip Around the World done with all busy prints, but for this one I wanted to use up some of my plainer fabrics too, a stash reduction necessity.

I’m also teaching how to make the bottle cozies and my journal covers at the class Saturday so I had to do a run through again to refresh my mind on the bottle cozy.

I knew earlier this week that my 600,000th visitor was going to read my blog this week, but I forgot about it yesterday because I went to a sister in law birthday lunch.  I checked last night and it happened while I was gone.  Thank you one and all for reading my blog and for taking time to email me or leave a comment.  You are my quilting family.

>Another round of triangles

>I got the next set of strips sewn together and cut into triangles. As I was reading the instructions yesterday it says the triangles are too big and will be trimmed after adding. That is good because they aren’t all exactly the same size. I cut 2 squares of the Ikat checkerboard to see if I like it. I have it in a couple other colors too.I tried a lot of Kaffe fabrics as the other 2 squares but didn’t find anything I really liked. Then late last night just before heading to bed I pulled out 2 Philip Jacobs prints that I have enough of to do center squares and borders. It was too late to see if they would work so I just snapped pictures and turned off the lights.

I was asked to teach a class with the pattern below. Check it out on the company’s site. It is pattern GE-134. I don’t even want to type the name on here because it will invite unwanted comments. What was she thinking when she named it? You couldn’t do a search for it without getting a porn site. Yes it is catchy and cute, but maybe too dangerous for Internet browsing and searching.

It uses 2.5″ strips so I am testing it with some leftover strips from another project.

>Strips cut and sorted

>I cut all of my green fabrics for the next Strips that Sizzle and sorted both colors into sets ready to sew. There were 3 new shows on TV to watch so I got a lot done.I sewed the Disappearing 9 Patch blocks into a 44″ square to hang at the store to advertise the class next month.

My fall garden is pretty weedy but very colorful too. The purple asters come up as volunteers all through the garden and I pulled out at least a dozen throughout the summer. The volunteers are sometimes a different color so I have 3 colors this year. The sedum is really pretty right now too. I am glad I took a zillion pictures of the butterflies on them last year because this year I have only seen one butterfly near them.
This plant is another volunteer. I may have dug it out of the other garden last year and planted it here but I don’t remember. It is as big as a bush and very colorful. You can see the neighbor’s burning bush starting to turn in the background. Mine are still green.
This is the sedum in one of the little flower beds. It is such a brilliant color this year.
We had a little rain yesterday but the ground is still hard to dig in. We have had very little rain for over 3 weeks so I’m hoping we get more tomorrow like they are predicting.