>Finish #2

>Two down and I still need to make at least one more. This one is 46″ square. April first is the deadline to have them at the gallery. They have what they call a Parade of Quilts throughout the shop and they want to get them all hung before the mass of people drive down Interstate 57 to Paducah for the big show. The Illinois Artisans shop has a huge variety of art including all forms, glass, wood, fiber, and more. It is a good place to stop for a break and a feast for the eyes. The sun is shining again today but it is cool, actually frosty this morning. The robins are here and the birds are singing in the back yard in the mornings. That is a sure sign of spring, even though they have used the word SNOW in our week forecast.


>Using leftover blocks

>I had made a red and yellow wallhanging and a purple wallhanging also from the Easy Pieces blocks. That was before I had a digital camera, so therefore no pictures. I had leftovers of both kinds of blocks and was determined to just use them up. I sold this piece earlier this year, as a quilt top. Just in case you think I really am only feeding the squirrels, I thought you should see I have other visitors to the suet cages.
I don’t know what this little bird below is. He is white and gray and has a head that tapers right into his beak. They dart around really fast, almost like hummingbirds do, so this was the best picture I could get.
It has been really cold here so it is fun to just look out at the creatures. I will have to go out and refill some of them soon though.

>Citrus Delight

>This is one more quilt from the Easy Pieces series that I did. It is still a top and I will finish it and it probably will go to the Illinois Artisan’s Shop for sale in the spring. If you click on Easy Pieces on my sidebar you will see 4 made from this same style block. I have one more top to show you tomorrow and I’ll look for other pictures. Once I got the hang of the method I just kept making more groups of blocks. I still have one more group in burgandy, red, and pink that I haven’t sewn together yet. I named this one Citrus Delight because it is so lime, orange and lemon.
Close up pictures of the fabrics, again all batiks, and almost all Hoffman’s, my favorite brand of batiks.
I don’t do mitered corners unless I am using a stripe, or if I am sewing all of the borders together before I add them.

>Snowy Sunday morning

>Do you see that little blue bag about 3/4 of the way down my driveway? That is my Sunday paper and I’m on my way out to get it. It is sunny but cold, 18 degrees. We were on the very edge of the snow band so we didn’t get much. This pile is from the last 3 snowfalls. The squirrels were so frisky yesterday, taking daring jumps from branches far away from their destinations. This little guy was eating just outside my kitchen window again.
When he gets a good size chunk out he has to come up to the branch and sit up to eat it. My cousin’s husband calls them rats with big tails. I have seen rats and mice in my days of living on a farm, and believe me, squirrels are a lot cuter!
Amy mentioned the other day in the comments about the edges of Candy is Dandy being all bias. Yes they were and so are all of the edges of the Easy Pieces technique by Margaret J. Miller. When you get done with these pieces you need to stitch a line of stay stitching around the outside edge of the quilt top a little narrower than your seam will be if you are adding a border.
This piece is going into my blog-shop Wandaful Quilts. I will have another one to show tomorrow after I finish the border.

>Fall colors

>Here is another quilt made from Margaret Miller’s “Easy Pieces” technique. I always had to have one in progress to show my classes so I think I made about 7 of them. If I didn’t need them for class samples or progress examples I’m sure I wouldn’t have made more than 3. Teaching classes the way I did it produced a lot of quilts and wall hangings that I really don’t need to own. I donated some to our local hospital and they framed them between 2 sheets of Plexiglas with a metal frame so they wouldn’t be a “fire hazard”. They were originally refused until one of the gentlemen working there figured out a way to hang them that would follow the rules.

I still own this wall hanging and it reminds me of fall, so I think I will hang it in the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom. More about stash: I love to pull combinations that work well together (ignore the blue lid to a box) and have one blanket box full of this type of combinations. I go through the fabrics in there once in awhile to make sure I don’t have a “winner” hiding in there that would work in several other projects I have in mind.
I haven’t come up with the quilt for this group yet, but I have it laying where I see it every day, so maybe soon……..

>Another busy day

>Here we have another picture where I wasn’t standing directly in front of the quilt, and yes it really is square. This is another of those batik panels that I love to buy and rarely use. The blocks around it are “Easy Pieces” by Margaret J. Miller. One day about 8 years ago a friend and I sewed blocks all day. I did lime green ones, blue ones, and turquoise ones. I have made 3 quilts out of them but the other 2 aren’t quilted yet. I found this border fabric about 2 years after I had put the blocks together into a top. Yesterday was busy from morning to night. In the afternoon I hired a guy to come wash the outsides of my windows and to take out a window air conditioner that just wasn’t working well. It was in the north window of my studio so now I have 3 windows, unobstructed to let light in.