Australian fabric Trip Around the World quilt top sewn…………..

I only had a few seams left to sew so it was an easy job to get the three sections sewn together into a quilt top.  The fabrics are very interesting so this is one that is more fun to see up close.  It ended up at 61″ x 77.5″ and the finished pieces in the quilt are 1.75″ x 2.25″.  It isn’t really obvious that the pieces are rectangular when you first look at it.  Rectangular pieces make a rectangular quilt where the center fabric on all 4 edges is identical.  If you were to use squares, you would have to add on rows on the top and bottom and then the outside edge of the diamond (black print fabric on this quilt) would not touch the top and bottom edges.  I prefer the way I do it.


African fabric quilt top…………

My 2 friends came over to sew yesterday and that was the push I needed to make the decisions about the border on this quilt.  I decided a random order of the color sections was the way to go.  I was able to get 4 matching corner blocks out of a large print African fabric.  This is my favorite of all of the quilts I have made from this group of fabrics.  I will try to round up all of the photos and make a collage of my African fabric quilts.

After I finished that top I went back to unpicking loops for the bottom half of the Australian fabric Trip Around the World.  Then last night I sewed the center seam on 12 strips and sewed them together, one long seam from top to bottom.  This quilt should finish around 62″ x 78″.  I just wanted a large couch size quilt.

I am thinking about teaching this TAW class again locally (Sandwich IL).  If you live anywhere near me and are interested, email me here.  I have a special rate for anyone who has taken the class before and wants to participate.  I am hoping to teach it in November and again in January.

Resting day…

My arm and shoulder wanted a rest yesterday so I read and knitted most of the day.  I cut a large square from one of the large print Australian fabrics and sewed the extra triangles that were already cut to finish one block while I watched the news.

A woodpecker landed in the tree by my kitchen window and posed for a photo.

We are supposed to have temperatures above freezing for the next 5 days (50 on Monday).  Snow is predicted overnight on Friday but it will melt quickly.  The snow in the backyard is over my boot tops right now. I’m hoping to see it go down dramatically by the middle of next week.

The medium rose cactus is blooming again. 

Using Australian fabrics……….

Last week I cut the pieces for two Union blocks made with Australian fabrics.  A friend sent me scraps that she had and I bought the rest online over a period of a couple years from Canton Village Quiltworks.  I cut the pieces with my Studio die cutter.  Even though I have a quarter inch foot, I need to perfect the seam allowance needed with the die cut triangles with corners nipped.  The fabrics are busy enough that the little imperfections don’t show much but if this had been solid colors, it would be glaringly obvious.

I sewed some more on the fabrics I showed yesterday and I think I’ll have enough done tomorrow to show you what I’m working on.