A give away….if you have an embroidery machine…….

I had seen Lapel Stick on several other blogs and they were hosting a giveaway for it.  I contacted the company and they sent me some samples.  I would like to share with other machine embroiderers today.  I had been looking for a nice glue stick that didn’t leave a residue in the area around the stitching, and also one that didn’t gum up my scissors when trimming.

I loaded this old Amazing Designs pattern on my memory stick and brought it to my machine.  Here I am preparing to sew the outline of the birdhouse.  It was stitched once on the green fabric to show me the location and to give me an idea how large to cut the applique fabric.  I used the Lapel Stick glue to hold the fabric in place.

After stitching the bird house outline, I gently lifted the edges of the birdhouse fabric and trimmed close to the stitching line.

Now the machine is doing a tacking zig zag around the perimeter of the birdhouse.

The birdhouse stitching is all completed and the bird has been straight stitched and is being trimmed.

I wish I would have had some of this lapel stick when I was shopping one day and lost a button when trying on clothes.  Not one store had a safety pin that I could borrow.  Remember the good old days when they pinned price tags on garments?

My giveaway today is just for people who own embroidery machines and want to try the Lapel Stick for applique.  Tomorrow I will have a giveaway for everyone.  In your giveaway entry comment tell me whether you have done any applique with your embroidery machine.  If you are a NO REPLY you are automatically disqualified unless you leave your email address in your comment using AT instead of @ and DOT instead of a period.

I will choose a winner at midnight tonight.

Giveaway closed Midnight 9/29/14


Another gift and die cutting…………

I spent the morning yesterday doing the machine embroidery on 4 dish towels for the ladies in the apartments at the mission that our church helps support.  We don’t know anything about the ladies so it is hard to get them anything personal.  A new dishtowel and dishcloths always brighten my day so I hope it will brighten theirs.

In the afternoon I started cleaning up an area of the basement and cut a lot of scraps with my die cutter.  This is the 1 1/2″ square die.

I store the squares in this Snapware container.  I’m not sure where I bought this one.  The top 2 layers are open and the bottom layer is divided.

There are lids on the two sections of the bottom layer.

There are 2″ squares and 1 1/2″ squares in it.  When it gets too full to hold any more I’ll come up with a project for them.

An interesting day…….

I had promised a friend to let her use my embroidery machine at my house and since I had to stay home waiting for the plumbing and heating guys, it was a perfect day for it yesterday.  She got here about 15 minutes ahead of the guys.  Her embroidery machine is about 18 years old and it isn’t easy to do lettering with it.  The guys bled the air out of the line and then discovered that the bleeder was leaking.  That meant draining the boiler and the whole line, replacing the bleeder, filling the boiler and the line with water and then opening every bleeder in the whole house.  This meant moving furniture…..in every room……again…..third time in 14 months.  They were finally done at 1 p.m.
Meanwhile mid morning my friend had to leave and pick up grandchildren and babysit for 4 hours so she came back in the middle of the afternoon to finish the names on the sweatshirt.  By evening I wasn’t ready to dive into a big project so I finished 3 bottle/can cozies that I found partially made in a pile I was cleaning up in the basement earlier while the guys were here.  (Click on tutorials on right side bar and cozy tutorial is the second one). Today I have to get serious about some edge finishes on the 2 wonky quilts.

I needed a change….

My poor embroidery machine has been neglected for a couple months so I embroidered a couple squares for a quilt.  Dad wasn’t doing well when I visited him and that makes for a down day.  He didn’t recognize me and was having some kind of problem with his legs.  He was really out of it the whole time I was there.  It is ups and downs all the time, a really good day and then a horrible day.  I hope I’m not just seeing a preview of what I’ll be like in my old age.
On the quilting scene, I got another 2 rows of H’s ditch quilted so I can put the binding on now and I will call it a finish for 2011 even though I’ll probably have a few more H’s left to quilt around.

Binding done and the fun (NOT) begins……..

The photo didn’t turn out very good so I’ll try again today.  This is a quilt I have been working on for over 3 years for the sewing machine store.  It is finally finished and ready to take for show and tell to their embroidery club tomorrow.  I finished hand sewing the binding last night.
The fun, or not so much fun really starts today.  I have a hot water heat system in my house, original in this 1953 house and it has never needed repair until recently.  The last couple years the pump has made some pretty loud thumps as it froze up but I was always able to get it going again by oiling it.  The problem is that the oil is leaking out to the floor and it finally is so bad I needed to do something about it.  Since there is no shut off valve they have to bleed the entire line, opening little doors on the baseboard heat IN EVERY ROOM.  OMG do I have a lot of stuff to move so they can get to them…………………….

>Miscellany again………


There were inquiries about what do I ‘do’ with the journal quilts.  For me it is the process of making them, the learning and surprises as I am making them, and my growth as an artist that is most important.  The product is pretty to look at though and I remembered I had this basket that was my mother’s when I was a child.  I think it will hold about 40 or more of them and I think it would be nice on my coffee table.  It would be a conversation starter for some guests; others would look at it with that ‘what are those?’ look on their face, afraid to ask.  I’m a little bit of a rebel and challenger when it comes to guests in my house.  A lot of people don’t why I have 9 wallhangings on my walls.  That’s OK and I don’t have to justify why I don’t buy generic pictures to hang there instead.

I finished a third tote so the pile is growing.

This programmed machine embroidery is for another water bottle cozy.  I need to make a few more cozies while the construction is fresh on my mind.

By the way, if your name is ‘anonymous’ and you have a question for me, there is an email link on my right side bar.  I can’t answer your questions otherwise.

>The day before…………..


I hate to do a post without a photo so here is another machine embroidery I did last week.  It is about 6″ square.

Yesterday was sewing circle at church.  The sun was actually out in the morning although it never got warm.  My car thermometer said 28 degrees on the way home.  Yesterday was the day before the storm……the one that is supposed to start around 3 p.m. today and snow 3″ an hour.  We got a little snow last night, and that was predicted to precede the big one.  Usually when they predict a really big storm we get very little so we’ll see on this one.  It is going to affect a huge part of the country and I hope we aren’t in the ice part of it.