One project finished………..

All 4 of the little quilts for my classmate’s granddaughters are finished.  I used Thermore batting which is very thin but it is thicker than her original quilt.  I think I will wash them and see if they soften a little.
In this close up you can see how cute the little prints are.  The floral has kitty faces and it is the fabric that is on the back of all 4.
There was one larger print that has kitties in it too.  I had a larger piece of green background to use as the border on the mostly green quilt.  My friend supplied all of the fabrics.
The box of triangles was still sitting on the sewing table so I made one block while I watched the news and weather.  I haven’t pressed it yet.  The stress test went OK yesterday.  The hardest part was laying perfectly still for 17 minutes 2 times on a very uncomfortable table.  They told me I did great on the treadmill and better than most people my age.  I wonder if they tell everyone that.  I have an appointment for another test today.


2 finished, 2 to go……….

I finished 2 of the doll quilts for my classmate and made 2 more tops so there will be a total of 4.  They are for her granddaughters and herself.  It is really hard to photograph pastels at night.  They are a little deeper toned than this but not as deep as the photo yesterday.  Maybe when I get them all done I can figure away to capture the real colors.
Today I have to take a stress test.  An irregularity was found in my heart with my EKG.  I haven’t ever walked on a treadmill so this should be an experience.

Busy work……

I’m not ready to talk about my eye problem yet so I’ll be showing the busy work I am doing to keep my mind off of it 24 hours a day.  Before I left and after I came home from my first medical appointment I cut 12 Christmas pillowcase kits for my church sewing circle.  I missed our meeting today so I might sew these at home before the next meeting.
My best friend from 5th grade through high school asked if I would make a couple doll quilts in the style of her childhood doll quilt.  I took a photo of it the last time we got together and she provided the fabrics.  They will both get borders and then be sewn right sides together with the back and batting and turned.  I have enough squares cut to make a third one with a mix of the 2 sets of fabrics.

Doll quilts…….

I finished the 2 little doll quilts last night while I was watching TV.  They are for Debbie for her Christmas project.  Ugh, I just realized I made them 2″ too narrow.  I’m going to send them anyway and maybe they can go in the bottom of the cradles.  Sorry Debbie, I guess I wrote down the wrong size when I took the note to my studio.
I flipped one over so you can see the backing I used.  So many times when making a baby quilt it has to be unisex and I end up with all of these cute girly prints that I can’t use in them.