Some finishes………

“Circling Around” is finished.  I did use the border fabric for the binding since I didn’t want any distraction at the edge of the quilt.
I also finished the binding on “Fractured Star”.  All that was holding me up on these two was the printing of the labels.  I could fit 6 on a sheet of printer fabric and I only had 5 typed into a document.  I finally figured out the 6th one and got it done yesterday afternoon.  Two are completely finished out of the 6 I need to finish.  Two more are quilted however I may add a little more quilting to one of them.
I cut out 46 little gowns and 23 blankets for the preemie project at church.  We meet today for the first time this year.  It is easier to cut them at home on my large cutting table than on the smaller surface at the church.  The hospital said they would like 2 gowns in each layette now.  With double the work for each layette I’m afraid we will produce less total layettes now.  We only have 3 ladies who do the sewing.  The rest of them knit the hats and afghans that go into the layette.
We don’t get very many pretty sunrises or sunsets and being in town it is hard to capture them in a photo.  You can see we didn’t get the snow that was predicted.  Chicago has gone 324 days in a row without a day of 1″ or more of snow.  We haven’t even had an inch total out here in the boonies with all of the storms so far this season.


More basting…..

Yesterday morning I basted another small quilt while I did a load of laundry.  Last night I got all of the ditch quilting in the center of the cross quilt.  Now I have to decide how to quilt the border.
When I went out to pick up the newspaper I noticed one lonely coreopsis bloom so I picked a couple of the remaining petunias in my porch pots and the coreopsis for a little bouquet.  I’m sure this is the last bouquet now because it has been below freezing many mornings.  Today Rosemary is coming over and I will help her baste the string quilt for her daughter that I showed last Tuesday.

>Another drawer, another treasure…….


I was looking through the drawer that has all of my acrylic templates in it and I found these blocks.  I only had one small strata to cut from and I had added other fabrics to the mix.  I knew I needed to add more fabrics because I only had enough strata left to cut about 4 more pieces.  These are little 6″ blocks.

I tried adding more green but decided what it really needed was a nice golden brown.  I also had the little New York Beauty pieces that are cut from a batik fabric.  I would never have taken the time to piece anything that tiny. This was a good project to work on with a migraine.  My dad called me at 3:23 a.m. Fri. morning and breaking the sleep pattern almost always brings on a migraine.  Oh, and he had something that could wait until morning but he thought he should tell me about it.  I told him I would be there at 6 a.m.

Here is the finished 24″ piece.  I could put borders on but to me it looks like someone with a migraine designed it so maybe yesterday wasn’t a good day to work on it.

This is the acrylic template set I used.

>Art quilters update


Several months ago I showed this quilt in progress which was made by one of the art quilters.  He requested that I put together a kit of fabrics for him for our meeting.  We had determined that we would be using the Strips ‘n Curves acrylic templates that day.  I helped with the cutting and getting him started designing.  Then he was on a roll and he finished the design.  Now it is all quilted and bound and it remains one of the group’s favorite quilts.

>999 posts!

>Yes this is my 999th post in 2 and a half years AND I’m still having fun. I have used 39% of the free storage space for pictures so I figure I have almost 3 more years before I will have to pay for more space.

I finished the Christmas quilt last night. I ended up putting a lot of quilting in it because I wanted it crinkly and old fashioned looking. I washed it and dried it in a hot dryer.
Here is the full view.

I didn’t have enough of a backing fabric that I liked so I split the red and added it on either side of the holly print in 2 different widths. I also used the same red for the binding.

I used 5 different colors of thread on top, deep taupe on either side of the narrow border, black in the outer border and a few places in the blocks, and red, green and cream in the blocks.

I really didn’t do a very good job of quilting, just hurried it too much. I didn’t even like it when I finished it, and then after it was washed, I loved it.
This was made with the Strips ‘n Curves templates by Louisa A. Smith. If you click on the Strips and Curves Label on my sidebar it will take you to more info about them and all of the quilts I have made with them.

>Time to finish a Christmas quilt

>This will be a record finishing a Christmas quilt the same year I started it. I worked on the quilting for about 3 hours last night. It was below 0 yesterday morning and didn’t warm up much all day so it was a good day to rearrange my studio and start quilting. Look what I got in the mail yesterday. These one of a kind fabrics were just too yummy to pass up.

They came from Vicki Welsh’s Etsy shop. Click here to go to her site for a lot of eye candy.

>My favorite layout and others

>This star is my all time favorite layout for Strips that Sizzle and I have made it twice, seen on this post. I used leftover blocks on the one with green in it. If I have enough leftovers this time I’m sure I’ll make another of them.

The one below is another similar to one yesterday where you see pinwheels. I can see I have 2 blocks in the wrong position in this one.

The next one has alternating rows of light and dark blocks.

The next one is another of my favorites. This is the same layout as THIS QUILT except I used 3 colors in that one and only 2 in the current one. I really like this one too.

This circle top is finished and it looks much better sewn together. Click on the picture for a better look at the fabrics. A friend decided she should rescue this one and not let a baby spit up on it so I sold it to her and will ship it to her today.

I started this Halloween circle quilt before my art quilters came last week so I would have one ready to show them a no pin method of marking and sewing it. I folded the pieces in half and made a tiny clip out to mark centers and then didn’t need pins. I have one more block to sew together and then I can finish it. There are 2 one way fabrics in this and that made it a real challenge to design.Today is the first half of the Strips That Sizzle class. It is going to be so much fun.