New project…………

My new project is Hunter Star.  I have the die to cut the pieces and had only made a sample block up to this point.  Turquoise has never been a favorite color and I’m beginning to enjoy it so I’m using my turquoise batiks in this quilt.

I sewed a bunch more quarter blocks last night while watching Netflix.  I’ll get them pressed and assembled into blocks today.  I think this will be a small quilt, probably 20 blocks.

Here is my late bloomer.  I bought this bulb at the same time as the one that bloomed in December and planted them at the same time. I had just about given up on this one and then 2 flower stalks started growing.  I have buds forming on my orange cactus.  The cacti aren’t blooming as much as last year  I have just one or 2 buds on a couple red ones.


16 thoughts on “New project…………

  1. The Hunter Stars are beautiful! I have always wanted to make Hunter Star quilt – I'll have think about buying the Accuquilt die. I've seen it paper pieced and loved how it looks, but I'm not much for paper piecing.

  2. love the Hunter Star – I have never made it and I'm not sure why – I guess i just always have too many going and then forget about blocks that I said I wanted to make. I have an Amaryllis that I bought for a dollar after Xmas, the bud is on it now and should be blooming in another week or so I bet

  3. Hunter Star is mesmerizing, keeps drawing me in. I like the design and as usual fabrics are so pretty. Will be looking forward to seeing all 20 blocks.

    Your later bloomer sure put on a show for you. It is just beautiful.


  4. Wanda, the Hunter Star is beautiful and exuberantly colorful! Most Hunter Star quilts I have seen are just two colors, a solid and white. Your way is so much more interesting!

  5. I am a new quilter. Your sewing room is wonderful. I love your furniture. The hunter star is on my list to paper piece. I am getting an Accuquilt in Paducah this April at the show. A beautiful Amaryllis. Question; is Stratas the name of the TAW quilt? Barara

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