box of blocks………..

I needed a little springtime in the basement.  With temperatures going below 0 again last night it feels like winter will never end.
I was emptying some boxes and one of them was Strips that Sizzle blocks from 2009.  I just did a quick layout and then went back to my posts in 2009 to see some other layouts.  Here is one and another with these blocks.  Here is one more layout.  There are some pink and green blocks too and I put them together in several layouts here.  I also tried a vertical zig zag layout.  I’m not crazy about this on point layout so I’ll probably go back to one of the ones I previously tried in 2009 and get the blocks sewn into a top = one empty box.


Some finishes………

“Circling Around” is finished.  I did use the border fabric for the binding since I didn’t want any distraction at the edge of the quilt.
I also finished the binding on “Fractured Star”.  All that was holding me up on these two was the printing of the labels.  I could fit 6 on a sheet of printer fabric and I only had 5 typed into a document.  I finally figured out the 6th one and got it done yesterday afternoon.  Two are completely finished out of the 6 I need to finish.  Two more are quilted however I may add a little more quilting to one of them.
I cut out 46 little gowns and 23 blankets for the preemie project at church.  We meet today for the first time this year.  It is easier to cut them at home on my large cutting table than on the smaller surface at the church.  The hospital said they would like 2 gowns in each layette now.  With double the work for each layette I’m afraid we will produce less total layettes now.  We only have 3 ladies who do the sewing.  The rest of them knit the hats and afghans that go into the layette.
We don’t get very many pretty sunrises or sunsets and being in town it is hard to capture them in a photo.  You can see we didn’t get the snow that was predicted.  Chicago has gone 324 days in a row without a day of 1″ or more of snow.  We haven’t even had an inch total out here in the boonies with all of the storms so far this season.

Odds and ends…..

While I was finishing the clean up in the basement I found the 2 sets of blocks that I had designed into table runners.  I figured I should sew them now while the blocks were still in order instead of having to design them again later.  Yesterday morning I baked 2 batches of cookies for the art quilters group today.  I mixed both batches of dough on Saturday night and then got up on a cool Sunday morning and baked all of them.
I sewed a few of the dotty blocks too when I was stacking them to move them.  It is supposed to be in the mid 80s again today with low humidity.  It feels almost like a normal summer for a couple days anyway.

Playing with blocks…….

I got 25 fabrics cut yesterday for the kits and then I needed to do something else.  I knew I had a bin of Strips that Sizzle blocks from a couple years ago to play with.  These 2 groups only had 12 blocks each so they will probably become table runners.
These 2 groups have more blocks, probably enough for lap size quilts.  Here is a link to some layouts I tried with the 2 groups together in the same quilt.  If you want to see more play with the blocks and students’ blocks, click on Strips that Sizzle on my Label list on the right sidebar.

>A better day

>It sure felt good to have no sign of a headache yesterday. I got all of the setting triangles sewn onto Fractured Pansies 2. I did have to piece the 4 corner triangles but I don’t think it shows very much. Since the purple print is a sateen it ravels like crazy so I need to get this one basted soon. I also got the binding done on the one I posted on Sunday. Here you can see the 2 different binding fabrics. On the top layer both of them are there. One is the same as the border fabric and the other has random lines going in all different directions. I doubt anyone would even notice the binding at a first glance.

I also sewed together the 3 blocks I showed a couple weeks ago and put a border around them for a good sized table runner.

It sounds like we have a couple more cold days and then the warm up to the mid 60’s for the weekend. I still haven’t done any clean up of my gardens. I hired my grandson to bring in my hose carts, trim my spirea bushes (and clean up the mess) and put on 3 storm windows late last week. Now I need to get out there and cut down all of the asters so I don’t have a hundred volunteer plants next year.

>Setting triangle audition

>This is the fabric I want to use for the setting triangle for this Strips That Sizzle quilt. I only have 3/4 yard of it so I am going to figure out today whether I have enough of it. Here is a closer picture of it. What you can’t see here is the sheen. It is a sateen fabric that is more than 10 years old.

We had rain almost all day yesterday. I had to drive to church (23 miles) for our sewing circle to work on the preemie layettes for the hospital. Afterwards I went to Farm and Fleet looking for a shirt for my dad. He likes snaps instead of buttons and they carry the western style there. I only found about 6 size Med. shirts to decide between. They had lots of Large Tall, XL, XXL, 2 XL and most all tall. (My dad is 5’8″ tall and weighs less than 150 pounds.) I haven’t been able to find shirts with snaps anywhere else this year. Last year W*lmart had them. Now I have to hope he will like the one I picked out. He doesn’t like bright colors or stripes so that eliminated 3 of the 6.

>Students’ layouts

>Here are some of the layouts that were tried at the class yesterday. This first student is making a queen sized quilt so there wasn’t room to layout the whole quilt. Her daughter will help her make the final decision.Oops! the top right corner in the picture below is turned the wrong way. I didn’t catch that before I took a picture.

This red, white and blue one was one of many layouts she tried and I didn’t get a picture of her final layout, the star. She got her top all sewn together in class. Below are just some of her light blocks.

The rose and green is coming along nicely. She has a lot more strip sets to sew.

While I was helping some of the other students, the turquoise/orange lady played with several layouts. She liked my red/blue one and wanted to try a similar style.

She liked the star too but didn’t have enough blocks. I suggested filling in the blanks with her turquoise large print that is in the strips.

This layout is like my purple/yellow one that was in the book (Fractured Pansies). The fifth student was babysitting and couldn’t make it to class. I hope I get to see hers when she finishes it.