Test packing, hanging sleeve, and bar tacks……..

I decided to do some test packing of my quilts.  I needed to know how many could be rolled on a tube and still fit in the long boxes that I have.  I am planning to ship the quilts next Thursday.
I spent several hours quilting and decided I needed a break from it.  I have 2 quilts that need temporary hanging sleeves.  They can stay on permanently if someone wants to hang them or removed easily if they want to use it as a couch quilt.
I mowed the grass last night and when I came in I started working on the bartacks in the corners of the mug rugs again.  I found that the open toe foot gives me a better view and it is going faster now.  I have 45 done.  I have 8 waiting for binding and I am going to stitch the diagonal corner as I complete each side individually.  That will save having to go back and bar tack them later.  This means I need to pick busy prints for the bindings so the stitching won’t be so obvious.