Student quilts………

Here are the students’ quilts in progress from the class Monday.  One student had hers off the wall already by the time I grabbed my camera.

They are all making large lap/couch size quilts.

I love the variety of fabric types in a class setting.  Everyone learns something from everyone else’s fabric choices.

Class photos……

Today I’ll just share the fabric combinations that everyone brought to class yesterday.  I am worn out after this busy week and didn’t even finish answering comments yesterday.
My niece’s squares before stacking and slashing…..
Here are 3 sets out of 5 after slashing and sewing back together.
I had my camera with me when we laid out all of these blocks and then I forgot to take the picture while we were talking.
This lady dyed all of her fabrics.  She is going to be opening a quilt shop about 10 miles from here in a few months.  This was her first quilt class and about her third quilt. She is an accomplished seamstress as in clothing sewing, something most of us have given up as we got into quilting.
I hope the tilt on this photo doesn’t make you seasick.  This one is all batiks.
Another star student who finished her top in class.  She has a border fabric in mind that sounds perfect.
The camera liked the yellows in this quilt but they aren’t quite that predominant in person.  This is an example of low contrast vs. the high contrast in the one above.  This pattern works well with most combinations of fabrics.
It has been a busy week and I’m dragging but I hope to work on my colorwash a little today.  I’ll try to document the changes I make and show them tomorrow.

A successful class……

This is one student’s fabric pieces divided into light, light medium, dark medium, and dark.  I tried to provide a good assortment of colors and values in the pack of squares they worked with.  Here is where I posted about this exercise 2 years ago.  I had 13 very enthusiastic students who all did a great job with the exercises I ran them through.  I had them fill out an evaluation form at the end of class and had some good suggestions for improvement in this class.

Here are some of the quilts started in my class yesterday.  It is the Stack and Slash pattern.  There will be 2 of these child size quilts from one student.  The one with the big “I” in the top left corner was a mistake in piecing but her name starts with I so she put it in there for the photo.

I couldn’t get my camera to catch the beauty of this purple and red one.  It is a little deeper toned than the photo. She got the top sewn together but in that photo the color is even farther off.
I finished my blocks in class and then put it on my design wall at home.  I had the floral print in10 of the blocks so it had to touch from block to block in a few places.  I don’t think that is a bad thing though.
I sewed the orange top together last night but didn’t get it pressed yet.  This is closer to the real color but a little pale.  I have found orange almost as hard to photograph as red.

Warm/cool zig zag…..

I needed this top finished for a sample in my color class yesterday to show warm/cool as one type of contrast, the other being light/dark.  It is 60″ x 72″ right now so I have to decide if it needs a border or if it is a lap quilt just the way it is.
I only took photos of one part of my color class.  I had 9 students so there was plenty to do.  I had them divide the 100 squares into colors with oddball fabrics like zebra stripes laying on the sidelines.  I had them fill out an evaluation sheet so I could see where I can make improvements when I teach this the next time.  I passed out the evalutation sheets at the beginning so they already knew what the questions were.  My pet peeve is getting an evaluation sheet thrust at me at the end of a class when I’m tired and packing to go home.  I would rather know what things the teacher wants to be evaluated on before the class begins.  Then it is easy to fill it out with speed at the end of the class.
Several people have left me questions in the comments and I have NO WAY to respond to you.  I do not reply in my own comment section normally.  I have an email link on my right sidebar and if you have a google account, please enable your email address in your profile if you want a reply.  I answer ALL emails.

>Class projects………


The class was “Turning Twenty into Diamonds” and here are the students’ quilts.

The one above is for a challenge at guild where they were to make a quilt with the color of crayon they were given, in this case a rusty color.  She also brought her blocks from the last class and we put them on the design wall too.

They are Christmas and winter prints.

I took the blocks for the Turning Twenty mini quilt.  The lighting in the classroom distorts the orange and purple colors.  I was going to take another photo when I got home and put them on the wall, but one block is missing and I have looked everywhere and haven’t found it yet.  Maybe tomorrow….

>A visit from Martha, Kaffe, Philip, Tina, and Kansas Troubles…..


If you don’t read the names on the bolt boards or on the selvages that probably doesn’t make any sense.  I had the test class on the zig zag quilt yesterday (2 students) to see if it would be a good class to offer.  All of the designers in the post title were represented.

You can see I trimmed the edges of mine.  It is about 51″ wide and about 72″ long and will not have a border.

This top is done now and will hang with the other 50+ tops waiting to be quilted.

>Another finishing class…..


Two of the ladies were doing bindings.  They took the class for these 2 quilts about 8 years ago.  I have shown my flannel versions of it here and here.

It is my own original layout and I taught the class for over 10 years.  Now I have more students wanting that class because they weren’t quilting yet when I used to give the class.

Another student finished all of her blocks for the Turning Twenty Just got Better and got her layout of the blocks decided.

Another student had her blocks on the wall and I didn’t get a picture, a blue and yellow Bento Box. 

I helped another lady figure out how to put her 1250 nine patches in 3 sizes into 7 quilt tops.

Here is my latest visitor to the back yard that I have to identify.  He walks like a dove or pigeon.  I know this photo is blurry but he wouldn’t stand still.  I wanted to catch the iridescent color on the back of his neck in the sunlight.

After checking my bird books I guess it is a Rock Pigeon.  I have only seen gray pigeons before but after reading about them, I know they come in several different colors now.

The books say they mate for life but this male has been here by himself 3 days in a row now.  It also said they usually hang around in groups of 20.  I hope he doesn’t bring his 19 friends to my yard.

>Decision time……..


Finally I’m getting back to this one.  You can see I used a combination of 2 of my choices out of all of the ones I tried.

The plain squares are alternating with the smaller bordered squares in all places but one.  I was going to have to make one more of the larger blocks and I thought, no, I’m done with this one.  I put a plain square in place of one of the large pieced squares and now I’m ready to sew it together.  It is only going to be about 42″ x 48″ so I think some baby is going to get this one.

I had a finishing class yesterday and this last 8 blocks were made for this one and the layout determined.  My art quilters will see this one Monday because it is one from that group that is making it.