Kansas dugout…….

This is a modified Kansas Dugout block where the intersection of the strip and the triangles does not meet at the center of a side of the block.  It is about a 3:1 ratio or a 4″ finished block with a 3″ finished triangle at the corners.  I used the signature die on my Studio die cutter but you can get this by using a 4.5″ square with 3.5″ squares as the connector corners.  The photo shows 4 Kansas Dugout blocks.  Now one unit of the block is commonly called Kansas Dugout.
I had a lot of people ask about this photo I posted yesterday.  It is the same block that is in the corners on my X and + quilt, in fact these are leftover pieces.  They are 4″ finished squares with 2″ finished triangles or a 2:1 ratio.  This means you would cut 4.5″ squares and 2.5″ squares to do connector corners.
When I was showing the construction on the X and + quilt I showed that I used triangles instead of squares to create the connector corners. I used the ruler to be sure I had it square on the corner before sewing.  I hope this answers all of the questions that were asked.  Some were no reply commenters so I couldn’t reply to them directly.


A Super sale………….

One of my errands yesterday was to stop at Michael’s and see if they had any different colors of yarn for the knitted dish cloths.  Wow, was I surprised when it was on sale for 97 cents a ball.  It is usually $1.99 there.  The lady that worked there said it is the lowest price they have ever offered it for.  The sale goes on through Saturday so you all have a chance at it too. 
This is why dye lot matters.  Both of these were from balls marked as Gumdrop.  The one on the right is my favorite.  I sure hope they make that coloration again in the future.
Did you know you can make a funky zig zag with Kansas Dugout blocks? 
When I looked out in the backyard last night I saw 3 bunnies.  Now that means trouble = more baby bunnies.  One of them was chasing another one and the third was more interested in the bird seed under the feeder.